Who do you think you are?

After almost a full year, I’ve parted ways with the online magazine that I had been writing movie reviews, TV and Sports editorials with. It wasn’t a paying position, so the work I did for them was pretty awesome since they never had to pay a friggin’ dime for it.

What really pissed me off the most was the editor of this rag had the audacity to treat me like a shit employee rather than a volunteer. If you’re paying me, then you have a right to be a dick… but if the shit I’m giving you is pretty much charity, shut the fuck up and say thank you, you ungrateful sack of shit.

Turns out my review of Zero Dark Thirty wasn’t very popular with the other teenagers that write for that asshole. One of them wanted to write a ‘rebuttal’ to my review, basically to prove me wrong. When passing the idea by me, I said fuck off. The fact is, the site is way, way behind on its movie reviews. There are a lot of films that haven’t been covered yet so I thought the person’s time and talents (what little they have) was being wasted just because he disagreed with my opinion. I guess that response was taken the wrong way and was the start of our fallout.

Now this site doesn’t have anyone writing sports pieces for them. I guess one reason for that is because people usually don’t like using their time, efforts and talents to work for a site that isn’t going to compensate them for their work. I sent of a very fiery letter to my now former editor, showing them what real ‘attitude’ is, which will basically proves that I’ve really been holding back all this time. Nothing says fuck you than finally being honest with someone who has been bugging the shit out of you. The fact that I put up this asshole this long in itself should be considered a moral victory.

If I’m going to post shit on your site for free… you can’t get out of joint when I saw things you disagree with. If you don’t like it, pay someone else to do it or do it yourself you lazy cunt. I don’t really have time for that person. Websites that pay jack shit to their writers are a dime a dozen… they’ll be easier to replace than I will be given the fact that I knew how to compose a real article and they couldn’t if someone was holding a gun to their fucking heads.

When someone is doing something for me (like writing cheques for my work) then I’m willing to put up with some bullshit and let things slide when I disagree with something. But if I’m doing you a favor, like working my ass off for no pay, then I refuse to put up with someone else’s bullshit. It gets on my nerves when people who should be thankful for the contributions you make instead show attitude. It’s disrespecting, ignorant and very ungrateful which is why I don’t mind walking away from this poorly organized, trashy website.

I got better projects to work on and I’ll devote the extra time not writing for that ingrate to other projects that are crying for my attention. Truth was I didn’t need them… and they’ll miss the work I provided for them when no one else takes their crap like I did the last year.



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