Monday School: By the way dumbass, it’s round!

Welcome back to Monday School, still your place to get a weekly dose of “The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense They Tried To Teach You

Today our topic is a little flat, literally: Should we be able to dismiss any holy scriptures when we know that they contradict something that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt?

This whole thing started when I read a piece online about a friend who spoke to a Muslim who claimed to say the following about his atheism.

“How horrible how dangerous full, how dark full how terrible … can any atheism bear these terrible punishments at the day of judgement?”

Apparently to this Muslim, this is an appropriate way to approach someone concerning their Atheism. If you are unable to get a jive for what this guy’s trying to say, it’s actually the kindest way for a person to threaten another person with eternal torture in the afterlife. It’s the same thing you’ll hear from a Christian, accept Jesus in your life or burn in hell for all eternity.

Taking a closer look in the Quaran, it says that all disbelievers (me for example) are to be punished even more than what the bible states, which is pretty brutal and depraved to begin with. A lot of Muslims (and Christians) honestly believe that after we die, we’ll all roast in hell, and that each time our skin burns off, it will be replaced by a fresh set just so we can do it again, and again, and again and… well, you get the picture. This all comes from Allah who’s that dude in the sky that is all-loving and merciful, preached by people who claim Islam is a religion of peace. Sure it is.

As usual, the way to prevent everlasting torture in a place we have zero evidence to prove it even exists is to repent and accept their religion as the one true faith. This presents a problem, because the Christian faith says the exact same thing, yet there is also no evidence to suggest they are the true faith and not Islam. So how will I know which one will save my soul? Do I flip a coin and hope for the best?

Basically it’s the same bullshit, just from a different pulpit.

Like the Bible, the Quaran is false. We know this because there are portions in the book that are just flat out wrong and have been proven to be beyond a shadow of a doubt. This brings us back to the theme I presented at the beginning. The Quaran claims within it’s pages that the world is flat.

Don’t believe me? Let’s check out a few passages:

Sura Al-Kahf (18:47): “And (remember) the Day We shall cause the mountains to pass away (like clouds of dust), and you will see the earth as a levelled plain, and we shall gather them all together so as to leave not one of them behind.”

Sura Taha (20:53): “Who has made earth for you like a bed (spread out); and has opened roads (ways and paths etc.) for you therein; and has sent down water (rain) from the sky. And We have brought forth with it various kinds of vegetation.

Sura Az-Zukhruf (43:10): “Who has made for you the earth like a bed, and has made for you roads therein, in order that you may find your way.”

Sura Az-Zukhruf (43:38): “Till, when (such a one) comes to Us, he says [to his Qarîn (Satan / devil companion)] “Would that between me and you were the distance of the two easts (or the east and west)” a worst (type of) companion (indeed)!”

Sura An-Naba (78:6): “Have We not made the earth as a bed,”

Sura An-Naziat (79:30): “And after that He spread the earth;”

So within these passages is the bullshit which proves the Quaran is full of it. If this book was actually written by a higher being (which it wasn’t) then you’d think this all knowing being would have been aware of the shape of the planet that he/she/it/they created, right? The bible also makes the same mistake. Most people back then also thought the world was flat. God (or Allah) really could have made a grand gesture to establish credibility today simply by telling those writing his word, “By the way Dumbass, its round.”

Yet not a single mention of a round planet can be found in any holy book, which alone should challenge its authenticity.

The truth is all religions are wrong, every single of them. Any supernatural belief without any evidence to back them up is naïve at best and is very dangerous to the species as a whole. This is why religion is so dangerous. If people do not think and act they way they do, they’ll be punished with eternal damnation. That is not a sales pitch, it’s a threat.

Regardless of the facts presented, people still follow them not out of respect or faith, but because of fear. Fear of being punished for not doing as they are told. The fact that there are thousands of religions, none of which have a single scrap of proof to back up any of their claims means you’re literally playing roulette with your life and possibly your soul.

If no one is able to prove anything and have been making false claims (like the world is flat) for hundreds of years, that should be the last religion you consider since we already know that some of their holy works are false.

The world isn’t flat, so it’s not much of a leap to suggest that their God and their books are wrong as well.

Until there is a presentation of sound evidence, there’s no reason to give any of them the time of day.




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