It’s a little chilly out there, eh?

It was a little frosty this morning as the windchill dropped to a nut freezing negative thirty-five. They are calling for that to drop to an even chillier negative forty tomorrow, so I layered up and went out today to get a few errands done. I have the boys coming over this weekend so I picked up a few groceries and things to feed the little buggers when they’re here.

I even stopped by Little Caesars to get a cheap $5 pepperoni pizza for dinner. I know, I shouldn’t do that… but its cheap and I have a few bucks left over. Just to give you an idea what a good day I’ve been having, when I got home and opened my pizza… instead of Pepperoni, it was the works! Hurrah for lazy pizza workers!

Since I’m hibernating in my apartment for the time being, I’ve used my time well by working on some writing projects. One of them is an old Nano that I haven’t gotten around to finishing. I just passed 225 pages and I can see the end… it’s literally in the home stretch. The other project I’m currently working on is a new book of poetry. It too is looking very good and I’m hoping to have both online with Smashwords and Lulu by the end of February at the latest!

So I’ve got things to do, kids to hang out with and this year is flying by so fast. Can you believe it’s almost February already? Before you know it, it will be spring training! I plan to take Ethan to see a few Jays games this year, especially whenever RA Dickey is pitching. With all the blockbuster trades they made, this is going to be a great year for baseball in Toronto. I don’t expect a World Series, but I want to see just one playoff game, is that too much to ask for?

So back to work, I hope everyone is staying warm and having a good Tuesday!



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