February checks out!

2013 is already two months old. That didn’t take long, did it?

Even though it’s my weekend off, I’m going to take Jonathan for the weekend. Just me and the little guy for Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. Jon is going to have oral surgery to repair some teeth next week and won’t be able to come over for his usual visit. So I’ll take him this weekend before the procedure and then next week I’m going to take Ethan while Jon stays home and recoups with his Mom. This way I’ll be able to give each kid a little one on one attention, and that’s never a bad thing. I don’t mind giving up my weekend, cause more time with the little guys is always welcome.

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Monday School: Eggs Benedict Checks Out!

Welcome to Monday School! Your badly needed fix for “The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense They Tried To Teach You Yesterday!”

Today I’m going to talk about people who can’t seem to commit to jobs they though they were ordained by God to do, and then up and quit. No, this is not an entry about Sarah Palin. Instead I am finally going to comment and post some interesting things about the recently announced retirement of one Pope ‘Eggs’ Benedict. Now I for one have found the short reign of Eggs to be challenging, contraversal and too much fun to watch walk out the door… but walking out is exactly what he’s doing.

For the first time in almost five centuries, the Pope is handing in his silk robes and golden throne. Eggs claims this is because of health issues, stating that he doesn’t have what it takes to keep leading the church into the 21st Century. Apparently praying for strength like the previous Popes did isn’t enough for Eggs to want to keep his lucritive deal. You’d think the private plane, gold trinkets and killer medical benefits would do it too. Apparently not, Eggs wants out.

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The weekend that was…

I’m going to start my weekend on Thursday, cause that’s were the fun stuff started for me. I had a date on Thursday night. I met someone for dinner and a movie. We went out to ‘East Side Marios’ for supper and afterwards we saw the movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, which was actually really good. Dinner was pretty awesome too, check out the killer pasta dish I had on Thursday:

That there is a ‘Baked Spinach & Ricotta Milanese’ which pretty awesome. It didn’t look like much when I got it but trust me, this was very filling and it was all I needed that night. Combined with a caesar salad and a coke zero, it was a killer meal. I hadn’t been to ‘East Side Marios’ in a while and it was pretty good.

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Winter Is Coming…

We are only 38 days away from the premiere of season three of the HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones’ and I cannot wait to see it. A good friend of mine is just as exited, to the point where he emailed me this morning with an idea I didn’t think of. He jumped online early this morning to make sure he scored tickets for an event coming to Toronto. Tickets are free, but there are only a limited amount to make sure there is no over crowding and that people can breath when visiting th exhibit. So my buddy went on line last night and snapped up some tickets for us both to attend this event on March 15th:

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Ethan’s Dinosaur Tales 2

For the last few months, Ethan and I have been working on our second children’s book. Ethan loved making the first one so much… he was dying to do make a sequel as soon as possible. The first one hasn’t exactly been selling like hotcakes on Smashwords, but all it takes is time, talent and patience to make more books, both which are in great supply here. When Ethan came over this weekend for an extra day, we spend a good chunk of our one on one time to work on the book, and we finiehed it yesterday morning before I took Ethan back to his mom’s place.

Here is the cover to the new book Ethan and I finished over the weekend.

Looks pretty cool, eh?

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Extra time with my boys…

This weekend the boys had a four day weekend. Friday was a PD Day, which is a day for teachers to get their crap together or something like that. Monday is an Ontario stat holiday, called family day. It’s not my weekend, but I volunteered to help and even take Ethan for the whole four days if she wanted. You see with both boys at the house on my weekends, Ethan doesn’t get much one on one with Dad cause I have to watch Jonathan like a hawk 24/7. So I offered to take Ethan cause I think he is dying for a little attention. At first she declined.

I got word from my brother on Sunday that she was having a rough day with the boys, so we both volunteered to take both boys for a few hours and let her take a nap. Chris and I took the kids to McDonald’s for lunch and then to the library for a few hours. The library here in town has a huge section just for kids and the boys love playing there. So we took both kids out of my ex’s hair for the afternoon. Here are some pictures of the kids at the library yesterday:

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Farewell Mindy…

Only a short time ago, I heard about the death of country singer Mindy McCready.

While her passing is tragic, like other singers who struggled with their addiction to certain substances (see Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse) it’s not entirely surprising things ended this way. Mindy was found at her home today, dead of a self inflicted gun shot wound. She leaves behind two sons, which is the really sad part. She was only a month younger than myself, which forced me to pause and think about it for a while.

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