Worst. Superbowl. Ever.

This game had potential to be one of the best ever. Instead for me it will be remembered as by far one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Not since the replacement ref debacle have I ever seen worse officiating during a game and it happened right here in the biggest game of the season.

With less than two minutes left in the game, I counted as many as three penalties that should have been called on Baltimore. The referees called none and as a result, San Fran was unable to score what would have been the winning touchdown.

One of the missed penalties was helmet to helmet contact. To me that is not only upsetting, but disturbing. It should have been a 15 yard (or half the distance to the goal) major penalty and an automatic first down for the 49ers. This is also a safety issue. This rule was put in place to protect players from concussions. Turns out the refs were more concerned with the game then they were player safety. Shocking.

There was a blatant pass interference on the 4th down in the endzone and by blatant, I mean the Raven was holding on to Crabtree with both hands. How is that not called?

And when the kicker stayed in the endzone for the touchback, there was a holding penalty that wasn’t called either. That hold cost the 49ers at least three seconds off the clock for the final play.

These are all game changing penalties.

I can see missing one, maybe two… but at least three in the final two minutes of the game is atrocious! With officiating like this, why did we bother getting rid of the replacement referees?

Combine that with the blackout that delayed the game by 30 minutes, the NFL should be ashamed of how bad last night’s game was.

This makes that terrible ‘in field fly’ call in Atlanta look minor… cause these were made during the last two minutes of the championship game!

Pathetic is the only word that comes to mind. What’s the point of having referees out there if you’re going to let the players do whatever they want without penalty?

That game sucked big time… end of story.



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