Big storm coming in…

From what I’m seeing in the weather forcasts, there appears to be a decent sized snow storm heading our way. We’re expected to get a least 25 centimetres of snow, and that will likely be enough to close the schools tomorrow. I’m also supposed to pick up the kids for the weekend, so after speaking with Leah, I decided to take the kids a day early again this weekend.

That way I’m thinking, if I take the kids early… nothing will happen and I’ve just wasted my time. If I don’t take the kids early, the storm will actually happen and I’ll have to drag the kids back to my place in a storm and freeze my arse off. So I’d rather take the kids early just in case, and if nothing happens the boys get an extra day off school and I get to spend more time with my awesome little guys.

So with Netflix working again, Jonathan will have a lot of fun watching his favourite shows. Netflix has a kid’s menu that shows pictures for each episode rather than just the title, so Jon has no problem navogating the menu to find what he wants to watch on his own. Keeps the little guy busy and he doesn’t hog the computer all weekend, which I am sure Ethan will appreciate a bit.

I’ve spent most of the week writing. I made a few poems, worked on a few short stories and am on the last chapter of a novel I’ve been working on for a while. Usually for me the last few chapters are difficult to get through cause I try my best to give the readers a proper ending. One that doesn’t rip you off, sound cheesy and gives you a sense of closure. I’ve found the last chapter of this book a tad difficult cause I kind of murdered the main character in the previous chapter. I know, I’m such a douche.

Some more good news on the writing front, a pretty impressive agency in New York emailed me and asked for permission to read one of my books. They were impressed with the query letter I sent them and would like to read the entire manuscript to see if they’d like to represent me and push the book for formal publication. Didn’t take much arm twisting as I sent them a copy a few days ago. While I’m hoping for the best, I’m not holding my breath. I’ve been down this road before and so far I’ve got a fat goose egg for landing agents.

This book that I’ve been pushing to agents (my first romance, which is one of my best books) is one I’ve been hesitant to post online and give up on. I think it’s got a genuine chance to publish and I hope that happens sooner rather than later. I know every artist has their ‘starving days’ but my are turning into starving years… so I’m hoping I’ll finally catch a break and be able to finally break into the industry and set myself up nicely. Then rather than worrying about making ends meet, I can go condo shopping in Toronto. Hopefully this is that break (knock on wood).

So that’s it from the Hammer, I’m going to get ready to pick up the boys after school. I hope everyone is enjoying their week and I’ll try to post something over the weekend if I managed to get time with the computer at all with the kids here. Until then, take care!



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