Some Ideas for the next Han Solo…

Disney made an announcement that has pretty much set the internet on fire. Just months after buying Lucas Film and announcing Star Wars Episode 7 and the start of a new three film trilogy, Disney has stated that they will be making two additional stand alone films based on major Star Wars characters. Think of this like the first Wolverine movie, but this time they’re doing two films of Iconic Star Wars characters: Boba Fett and Han Solo.

Now, Fett wears a mask most of the time so casting for him isn’t going to take much effort. Chances are they are likely going to cast the dude who played Jango Fett since Boba is an exact clone of him. They’ll go with a younger actor to do earlier years, but having the actor who played Jango also play Boba makes sense as you can use him for cameos as Jango for flashbacks if necessary.

Since the new Han Solo film is going to be bout his younger pre-Star Wars adventures, 70 year old Harrison Ford likely isn’t going to be coming back for this film. This means the role for the first time ever is going to have to be recast. Are there any actors out there who are capable of filling the shoes of the man who shot Greedo first?

In order for the fans to make this film a box office smash, the new Han Solo will have to be a good actor with a following (casting an unknown is not the way to go), preferably with a sci-fi following. If an actor’s past characters happen to also be badass as well, that would make it an easier sell to fans. Thanks to the website Face in Hole, I’ve provided pictures of my suggestions to help you visualize these guys taking on the iconic role.

So here is my countdown to the actors who I think should play the next Han Solo:

8. Chris Pine

Best known for: Star Trek, Jack Ryan
Chris Pine is a great actor. I’ve been a fan of his ever since Smokin’ Aces… but right now he’s not the right choice. A lot of people think he would work but I think Star Trek fans would have a problem with it and the last thing Disney fans want is geeks staying home. The fact is Pine is too busy playing Capt. Kirk and the new Jack Ryan… the first film for which comes out this December.

7. Paul Walker

Best known for: The Fast & Furious movies
Paul Walker has been an up and coming action star for quite a while. Yet his success outside of the Fast & Furious movies has been lackluster to say the least. Could playing Han Solo change that?

While not my first choice, trust me when I say Disney could do a lot worse than this guy. I’d rather they go with Walker before consideirng someone like… say, Shea Labeouf or Zac Efron. Need I list any more? Compared to those potential disasters, this guy would be ten times better than a lot of crap that people are honestly suggesting.

6. Nathan Fillion

Best known for: Firefly, Castle
Six years ago the guy who played Capt. Mal Reynolds would have been everyone’s hands down, no brainer choice to fly the Millenium Falcon. Just watching Fillion argue with Chewbacca would have been cinematic gold. Unfortunately, Fillion is tied up with a strong television show (Castle) that will keep him pretty tied up for the next few years.

5. Taylor Kitsch

Best known for: John Carter, Battleship
Not exactly the two best movies to bring up when trying to make a case for playing a badass like Han Solo, but I’m serious. While both Carter and Battleship were not box office hits, it wasn’t beacuse of Kitsch who really did quite well with the roles he was given. I think he should be considered, especially since Disney likes working with him.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Best known for: Looper, Dark Knight Rises, Inception
Let’s face it, right now JGL is killing it at the box-office right now. Thanks to his work with Chris Nolan in both Inception and The Dark Knight Rises and his stunning work opposite Bruce Willis in Looper, Joseph has to be considered. If you managed to catch him in Premium Rush which also came out last year, you’ll see he’s more than capable of carrying an action film. If you want a young Han Solo, he’s young enough to carry the role for quite a while.

3. Jensen Ackles

Best known for: Supernatural
If you’re a fan of Supernatural, you’ll know that Jansen has been auditioning for Han Solo for the past seven years. When you see Dean Winchester sitting beside Sam arguing about whatever is bugging them, you can’t help but think that’s how Han Solo and Chewey would argue when trying to navogate the Falcon. Ackles also passes the ‘badass’ factor with flying colours. You have no doubt he would gun Greedo down without even blinking…

2. Timothy Olyphant

Best known for: Hitman, Justified
No other person I bring up will pass the ‘badass’ factor more than this guy does. Playing Deputy Marshall Givens on the hit series Justified, Olyphant has that gunslinger mantality that is a perfect fit for Han Solo. Tim would carry the role with the swagger and attitude needed to sell it to the fans. He would be a great choice.

1. Christian Bale

Best known for: The Dark Knight, Terminator Salvation, Equilibrium, American Psycho
The Dark Knight trilogy is over and he has no plans to come back as John Connor for another Terminator film. So… he’s available. I think fans would lose their collective shit (in a good way) if Bale took the role. This film would be a guaranteed 100 million dollar opening weekend if Bale took on this role as the infamous space gunslinger. If I was the casting director, Bale’s agent would be the first I’d call. But that’s just me.

So what do you think? Do you agree with any of the ideas above, or is there someone I’ve forgotten who will make a better Han Solo?

If you do have a better suggestion, leave a note and be heard!



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