Farewell Mindy…

Only a short time ago, I heard about the death of country singer Mindy McCready.

While her passing is tragic, like other singers who struggled with their addiction to certain substances (see Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse) it’s not entirely surprising things ended this way. Mindy was found at her home today, dead of a self inflicted gun shot wound. She leaves behind two sons, which is the really sad part. She was only a month younger than myself, which forced me to pause and think about it for a while.

I remember when I first heard Mindy’s music, which was in 1996. My first wife was (and still is) a pretty big fan of country music, and she’s a huge fan of Mindy’s stuff. One album she listened to a lot that year was Mindy’s debut album titled “Ten Thousand Angels”. She had a song on that album called ‘Guys do it all the time” which was this girl power kinda song that chicks couldn’t get enough of that year. That album was a mega success but it was her own version of ‘Appetite For Destruction’ as her following alubms were never able to match the success of her debut.

Mindy also suffered from some severe mental health issues. She had some childhood traumas that are difficult for most to get through, namely an affair with a married man twice her age when she was only fifteen. The last time I checked, that was statutory rape and the fact that the man that took advantage of her was never even charged when the truth finally came out no doubt took a toll on her. I don’t know about you, but raping a underage girl should never have a statute of limitations. Mindy after that had some legal troubles, bounced from one rehab to another and then this. Like I said before, not surprising but very disappointing.

I’ve battled with depression a bit and when times got tough I’ll be the first to admit, there were times when I considered checking out early. There were times when I was in a dark place, and the idea of just ending it was sincerely tempting. As much as a part of me wanted to consider it, another part of me refused. The easy way out also happens to be the cowardly way out too.

All you leave behind are sad people who are tramatized by your selfish act, which is even worse if you have an children. Ethan and Jonathan will always be more than enough to talk me out of anything stupid, no matter now dark my days will ever get. As a parent, I refuse to check out of my responsiblities and will always hang around for them, if nothing else.

I wish that would have been enough for Mindy. My heart goes out to those who miss her tonight. You’re in my thoughts…



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