A Jar of Balloons Redux survey

I love Surveys and this one is pretty cool… enjoy!


1.) What’s the largest TV set you’ve ever lived with?

The largest television I’ve ever owned is the one I have right now. A forty five inch wide flatscreen and it’s amazing. Great to watch movies on and even better to play games on my PS3 when I’m in the mood to do so.

2.) What is the most valuable (to you) possession you’ve ever lost or had stolen? Do you miss it?

When I was growing up, I had a small collection of hockey jerseys. I had the following jerseys:

– Calgary Flames home jersey, blank

– Toronto Maple Leafs visiting jersey, blank

– LA Kings home jersey with #99 and Gretzky on back.

– New Jersey Devils home jersey with #9 and Muller on back.

– Calgary Flames Visitor jersey with #2 and MacInnis on back.

– Montreal Canadiens visiting jersey with white shoulders and #19 on back

– Toronto Maples Leafs visiting jersey with #9 and MacDonald written on back

The Montreal jersey with #19 on it and the Lanny MacDonald Leaf jersey are both from the 70’s, these jerseys are thick in material and were very heavy sweaters. I was saving the MacDonald Jersey for my kids. Someone once offered me $400 for the Canadiens jersey, which the fan (who was from Montreal) says was either for Jacque Lamiere or Larry Robinson, who wore that number those years. I turned the person down and refused to sell it.

I should have sold it because when a few years after I moved to University, my dad put all my jerseys and other things in a storage unit when he moved to Nashville. Less than a year after he did that, someone broke into the storage unit and stole a lot of stuff, including my jerseys. I knew I should have taken them to college with me.

I don’t miss the jerseys that much, they were just sweaters, but I do Miss the MacDonald Jersey because that was a jersey I wore when I was very, very young. I wanted to give it to my son, and he would have looked awesome in that old school jersey, especially if he wore it to a game.

3.) Who is your most promiscuous friend?

I have a few friends who are like that, but I won’t answer who is the most for various reasons. I want them to remain my friends.

4.) What are the chances, would you say, of you becoming, one day, the president of anything? Greater than none?

The odds of me becoming Prime Minister are slim to nil. So not happening, especially since the odds of an atheist becoming the head of any state right now is unrealistic.

It’s a shame because I think I would make a good PM as I would be a politician of the people and not the corporations. The fat cats would hate me, and that lessens my chances…

5.) Have you wasted much thought as to what you’d do were money suddenly no limitation?

Everyday. I have a few websites bookmarked of condos I would like to buy when I have more means to work with. It’s my inspiration to keep writing and trying to make it big as a writer.

6.) In how many cities and towns do you know your way around?

Beside the city I currently reside in, I’m starting to get to know my way around a few.

I’m starting to get used to Toronto, and for that reason I’m starting to wish I could afford to live there. I enjoy visiting there and think it would be a blast to live in the bigger city. I really enjoyed living in very big cities, so Toronto draws me closer. If I could afford to live there one day, I would without hesitation.

I was very used to living in Seoul and Mokpo in South Korea, those were some cool cities. I also know St. John’s, Newfoundland like the back of my hand. I miss that place and I want to visit the rock again sooner than later.

7.) What would you try to save in a fire?

First thing would be my kids if they were around when the fire occurred. The next would be my wallet and then that’s it. Everything else can burn cause it’s easily replaceable or not worth risking your life over. I have pictures, my written works backed up at more than one location so I’m not worried about carrying my computer out with me.

8.) How are you at judging clouds of the metaphorical variety, at discerning those which will blow over and those which will grow to take over your sky?

I like to think I’m okay at it…

9.) Do you rearrange your furniture regularly? Do you live in a place where furniture can be rearranged, or is there really only one logical place for everything?

I like to move stuff around when possible. I like to change things up every now and then. I don’t like something staying in the same place too long.

10.) How are you at Trivial Pursuit? Crossword puzzles? Mad Libs? Brain teasers? Unraveling, untangling, or unknotting things?

I’m very, very good at it. So good that I was banned from playing trivial pursuit at my dorm because people would get into fights over whose team I would play for.

11.) What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever seen or noticed from a high vantage point (a plane, a high window, etc.)?

When I flew through San Francisco while on my way to Seoul I got to see the golden gate bridge and Alcatraz from my window. That was pretty cool, I hope to be a little closer the next time I see them. We also flew over the grand canyon while on our way to San Fran, so I had a few awesome views while flying to Asia that year.

12.) ‘Til what age do you hope to live? Have you found this has changed with time?

I’m not sure how long I’m going to live, but I’ll do my best to hang around as long as possible. I am going to keep writing till the day I check out whether it be at 50 or 110.

13.) How are you with the metric system, or, if that’s your system, with the English system?

I work with the metric system, as that’s the system I grew up with.

14.) Why isn’t it a law that the street address of every house and building be clearly marked and in an identical place, such as is the license plate on a car?

I have no idea, but there should be. Show me a petition and I will sign it!

15.) What was your first remembered movie?

The first movie I remember watching was Bambi and that didn’t turn out so well. A kid in the theatre got upset and started screaming and bawling uncontrollably when Bambi’s mom was shot by that hunter. It got so bad the manager had to ask the kid and his mom to leave the theatre.

That was the first and only time I have ever been kicked out of a movie theatre…

16.) How many ex-loves are you currently in contact with?

Only my ex-wife and that’s only because of the kids. I don’t talk to any other right now. Weird, I know cause I’m usually not the kind of person to hold a grudge.

17.) If you plan to be buried, with which objects would you like to share your casket? Would you enter the earth in casual or formal attire? Would you enter in serious or ironic attire?

I want to be buried in a Blue Jays Jersey, Maple Leaf pj pants and with my Hermy. That would do the trick for me.

18.) How many dogs, alive right now, do you know by name?

A few, too many to mention here.

19.) Which minds do you admire, if any?

There are many minds out there that I admire a great deal. Some of them are here on OD, or were here that is. I admire people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and other Atheists who stand up for truth. I also admire politicians who choose to serve because they want to, not for the money or actual power. There are a few out there.

20.) What music did you like when you were thirteen?

When I was thirteen, I was listening to a lot of heavy stuff. When I was 13, that was 1988 and I was listening to Metallica, Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Kiss, Bon Jovi and U2. My taste in music would mature as I got older but the stuff I listened to as a kid might explain why I have a deaf ear.


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