The March break begins!

Today Jonathan went in for dental surgery at the kids hospital. I was very concerned about this and how Jon would react after being put down and having all this dental work done while he slept. I’m happy and very proud to say that the little guy did so well with his procedure today and he’s recovering from it a million times better than any of us thought he would be. We were afraid he would freak out and try to pick at the work done, but he’s happy go lucky, doing everything as if nothing happened. We are shocked but so, so proud of the little guy.

To give Jon some space, I’m taking Ethan by himself for the March break which starts today. I’m going to keep Ethan for a full 7 days, and the whole plan was to give Jon some alone time with Mom just incase he needed some time to recover from today’s surgery. We actually booked Jon’s surgery specifically for the Friday before the march break so if he needed time off he could get it without penalty or schools getting on our back about attendence. This is the reason why I took Jon by himself last week cause I wasn’t going to get time with him this weekend and the best part is each kid gets one on one time with Dad, which is always welcome.

So… somthing very interesting happened when I was bringing Ethan home from school to my place. As we were getting off the bus and just started to walk back to my house, someone called for me. I took a look around and this lady was calling my name and walking over. It took a few seconds to recognize her, but it was Sonya, an amazing woman that I dated a few times a few years back just after the big break from Leah. I took her out a few times and while things didn’t work out, we’re still friendly.When I was bringing Ethan home for the March break, we bumped into her and talked for a while. A good sign is that she approached me and I was more than happy to share conversation with her. She looked amazing, and I didn’t hesitate to let her know that. I can honestly say my heart swooned a bit to be in her presence again… it was quite a moment.

The conversation ended well, and we even agreed to meet again for coffee or a bite to eat when we find time in her busy schedule. It was a very friendly encounter and the fact that she initiated the conversation and appraoched me, which I take as a good sign. She even gave me her new phone number, so while I’m temped to text the crap out of her iphone, I’m holding back to make sure I don’t come on too strong… which might have been what happened last time. She also has my new number so if she wants to talk or hang out, she has the means to contact me and make it happen.

I not gonna lie to you guys; I would love to date Sonya again. I also happen to think that this is a more appropreiate time date her than it was two years ago. Back then I was freash off a bad break, in a lot of emotional pain and likely wasn’t the best person to be around back then. Today thanks to some support classes I’ve been taking, I’ve managed to shed a lot of the baggage and deal with the issues that might have prevented me from moving on. If something were to start with Sonya again, I can honestly say it will likely work out a lot better this time as I’ve done a lot of growing since we last shared a cup of coffee. I’m not exactly holding my breath, but I’m hopeful.

But now I have to concentrate on the March break and spending the entire week with Ethan. I have some ideas on what I might want to do, and it should make for an exciting week. I like spending time with my boys and this week will be no different. Ethan and I might check out a matinee over the weekend, do some arts and crafts and even start working on a new dinosaur book if it’s up to it. Ethan also said he has to learn the alphabet in french, so I’m going to find a site that will help him pratice and I’ll work on it with him so it will be another thing we do together. If the weather is nice, I might even toss in a trip or two the libaray… so lots of fun things planned for the little guy.

So that was my day. I couldn’t have asked for a better friday as everything went very well and I even had a few nice surprises as well. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll be around. Until then, take care…



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