New book: 50 Sonnets

This afternoon, after doing a little last minute tinkering … I have posted my new book of poetry online. The new book can be bought either on Smashwords in all eletronic formats or if you’re the kind who would like a real book, a paperback is available through Lulu.

Here is the cover I chose to go with:

I didn’t want anything flashy, so I went simple with this cover, and I think it works.

Like I said in a previous entry, all fifty (50) sonnets are new and were all written in up since November of last year, which was less than five months ago. I didn’t think I would finish this project as quickly but it was an up and down struggle. Some days I wouldn’t write a single thing where there were other days where I wrote as many as three to five sonnets in less than 24 hours.

I like writing with poems that have a strict structure, and this was a lot of fun to put together. As I said they are avialable on two sites for what I think are very resonable prices:

Also available on the same sites is my first book of poetry, titled ‘Recurring Dream’:

So that’s how I’ve been keeping busy these days. I also have a few other fictional projects that I’m currently working on as well. All to keep my mind off the fact that Amazon will be announcing the quarter finalists of this year’s Novel competition, which I am very nervous about. The field is narrowed from 2000 books to 500 on Tuesday, and I’ll let everyone know how things turn out Tuesday morning.

In these troubling times, I know not everyone can afford to buy a copy of my book and I can certainly understand. I’m pinching pennies myself, so I’m willing to offer a deal for my OD readers. If you’d like to read a copy of 50 Sonnets or Recurring Dream, the first four readers to leave me with a private message with your email address and I will send you a copy in the format of your choice.

Everyone have a great weekend, and if you buy any of my works posted above… thanks for your support!



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