One kid turns into two…

Turns out Jon is recovering very well from his surgery to the point where he’s back to doing what he does best… drive his mother up the wall. He’s been doing it do well, that Leah called me up this morning and asked if I could take Jon as well for the next few days.

I said that wouldn’t be a problem, as I would be happy to take them both for as much time as I could. I’m just happy Jon is doing well enough to the point where he can come over. I’m so proud of how well Jon handled his surgery and like I said, I’m glad he’s well enough to drop by.

So I’ve got both boys until Thursday. Ethan and I were supposed to have a little one on one time, but I talked to Ethan earlier today and he said it was all right and didn’t mind if Jon stayed over too. Ethan is one mature little guy and I think he’s happy to see his brother too.

I had offered to take Jon if he recovered quickly from his dental surgery, so I was prepared and got lots of sleep just in case the call came through. Part of me was kind of expecting it. I’ll keep them until Thursday and then I’ll be off to Toronto on Friday for the Game of Thrones exhibit… so no biggie over here. I’m happy to have them both here to hang out with Dad.

So I hope everyone is having a great weekend, the boys and I are going to watch the World Baseball Classic this afternoon. Looking forward to watching Team Canada send USA packing… should be fun!

See you around,



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