Update: 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Today is the big day, when Amazon announces whcih books out of the two thousand that made it to round two moves onto round three. Only five hundred books move on to the Quarter Finals, but unfortunately my book was not one of them. Completing the List didn’t make it to round 3.

I am a little disappointed but I told Ethan this morning that there is nothing to be upset about. I did make it to the second round and that’s something to build on. I was pleased to make it this far and that’s pretty good. I also let Ethan know that I will keep writing and will just try again and hopefully next time we’ll do better.

The lesson I’m trying to let Ethan know that is when things don’t go your way, you take the hit and carry on. I plan to keep writing and writing until something breaks through. That didn’t happen this time but there is always next time.

So what do I do now?

After pondering my options, I’ve decided to post ‘Completing The List’ online (via Smashwords and Lulu) and move on to the next project. I’m very proud of this book and as much as I would like to keep pushing it to agents, no one is biting. I’m going to post it and use my time writing new works and try the process again.

So either later today or tomorrow… my first romance novel will be online and available for everyone to read.

Am I disappointed? Yes, but it happens. I’ll try again.

Everyone have a great Tuesday and I’ll be around.



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