Snowfalls during the March break…

Earlier this week, the weater was fantastic… so much that I didn’t even need to wear my winter coat to go get the boys. Today it’s snowing and the windchill is -11. Anyone who tries to lecture me about a warming planet will get a well deserved backhand. I want the snow to go away so the kids and I can get out of the house and do more. I want to take them to a park, kick the soccer ball around, get them out to exercise a little. If the weather is nice tomorrow (not likely) I will try to walk the boys home. It takes 45 minutes to walk back but I like to do it to expend everyone’s energy a bit.

I’ve had Ethan since Friday and Jonathan joined the part on Sunday. I’m returning the boys tomorrow cause I have plans. As much as I love my boys, a friend and I are taking off for that Game Of Thrones exhibit in Toronto on Friday so they’re going back to Mom tomorrow. This is going to be a lot of fun and if I really have a good time, I might consider taking Ethan with me next time. I think he might like something like that cause he likes checking out the ROM often.

One interesting thing happened over the weekend while Ethan and I were watching Baseball. The first round of the World Baseball Classic was over the weekend, and Ethan and I spent most of the weekend rooting for team Canada as they took on Mexico and the US. Something dawned on Ethan while he was watching the games with me, Canadians play baseball too. Then he asked something that I never expected: could he play baseball too?

This is the first time Ethan has expressed any such eagerness to play anything, and I said I’d be happy to help him get started. I went to a local store and bought a softball and a hardball. I planned to use them this week and start with the basics such as showing Ethan how to proper toss and catch a ball. Jonathan’s visit and the weather has postponed that lesson, but I we will do that as soon as possible.

He wants to learn and I told him that if he’s willing to work at it, I’d be willing to help him as much as I possilby could. I bought Ethan a baseball glove about a year before the separation. I still have it, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I also have a catching mit as that was my position before fraking up my knee in highschool. I wanted to be a pitcher but never had the arm for it, so I went behind the plate and called the games from there.

So while I’m surprised by Ethan’s sudden interest in one of my favourite sports I will do my best to help him out. Chances are I’m going to have to take care of Ethan all summer like I did last year and if that’s the case, that would be the perfect time to take the gloves and a ball to the park and really see how interested this kid is.

I’ve already given the little guy the whole ‘just play to have fun’ lecture, so I’m hoping he won’t take things too seriously, at least not yet. This will make for some interesting father/son moments, which I am looking forward to. Even if that doesn’t work out, we’ll have other great things to do together like write those dinosaur books, paint, make clay models and other fun stuff.

So I’m off for bed. I always crash early when the boys are here. Everyone have a great evening.



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