Amid Gay Marriage/DOMA distraction, GOP Congress passes GMO provision

This is a bill that Obama should have vetoed. This was a cheap anonymous attachment to a bill that was supposed to stop the government from shutting down today (March 27), and now it’s passed a law that will protect corporations that make GMOs, in other words, genitically modified foods.

‘The Monsanto Provision’ (aka, “biotech rider”) was added to Congress’ spending bill silently (and anonymously) all while everyone was pre-occupied with the whole Gay Marriage thing going on at the Supreme Court. The new law protects companies that make GMO products from litigation and the courts are not allowed to stop them from being able to plant their seeds, even if there is a risk to the health of the people!

Here is the skinny on this act that was added to the bill:

“The Monsanto Protection Act is outrageous to anyone who pays attention to our current food safety issues. It essentially temporary deregulates genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It grants the U.S. Department of Agriculture the authority to override a judicial ruling stopping the planting of a genetically modified crop, and thus grants temporary permits for farmers to plant and grow genetically modified crops.” Source

That’s is completely outrageious!

This bill (with the poisonous pill attached) was pretty much political blackmail. Had Obama vetoed it, the government would have shut down less than 24 hours later. He was between a rock and hard place. Now the Democrats and their supports have another reason to oust the GOP in 2014… so this terrible part of this bill can be repealed.

I’m a big fan of Obama but he really dropped the ball on this one. He should have vetoed it and shut the government down, at least for a few days and put the GOP on the hotseat. Standing up for the rights of the people with regard to genetically modified foods would have made him the good guy, now he’s the guy who cowered when threatened with shutdown. Way to take the wussie’s way out, Barry.

This had better be an issue going into 2014, to repeal this pathetic addition that was added on anonymously by a Republican coward. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of the GOP passing laws to protect companies from litigation rather than making an effort to protect the people from potential health hazards caused by the said companies this bill protects. This isn’t a small issue, this is the safety of our food! The fact this was quietly passed while everyone was distracted also pisses me off as well!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seriously pissed about this. O really dropped the ball on this one… not his finest hour. This congress really needs to go, as Republicans show time after time that they have no problem selling the people out every chance they get.



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