Jim Carrey is hilarious in ‘Cold Dead Hand’ video…

Funny or Die released a new video this week that stars Jimy Carrey playing a few roles in a music video called ‘Cold Dead Hand’ which is a satire about the NRA and their attitude towards guns in America. The social satire is razor sharp and the backlash to this video which basically says men are using guns to make up for their small ‘packages’. Carrey has not been a fan of the gun lobby and he held nothing back here, in a video that is his funniest stuff since his years on In Living Colour. Check it out this link: (I tried to embed, but the code didn’t work on WordPress)

Jim Carrey in ‘Cold Dead Hand’

A few parts that stuck out for me was the song itself, which emphasized that most gun victims are killed by their own weapons… not from other people with guns. The part about having to be a cold person to value your guns more than you would a human being is a good message, cuse the right to live should overrule someone’s right to bear an assault weapon.

A picture of ‘Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters”, a fictional band which featured Carrey as a Cowboy along with Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon and Mahatma Ghandi… three popular icons of history who were all killed by guns.

This is Jim carry doing an impression of the late NRA spokesperson, Charleton Heston. While I think the Heston poking was a bit over the top, it was Heston’s own comment about prying a gun from his cold dead hand that is the imspiration of the song itself, so it makes sense. I loved the Hew Haw references, cause I remember watching a few episodes when I was really, really young.

I thought the Sam Elliot impression was hilarious! Carrey is actually a very good impressionist and he brought out his A game for this video. It was knee slapping funny…

Basically this video helped Carrey express his feelings towards the NRA and the gun lobby:

So what do you think?

Did Carrey go too far or can his ribbing of the NRA be condoned based on how unreasonable they’ve been in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting?



2 thoughts on “Jim Carrey is hilarious in ‘Cold Dead Hand’ video…

  1. It’s not a matter of Jim Carrey going too far . . . it’s a matter of his overwhelming, extremely insulting ignorance.

    • Carrey’s ‘ignorance’ as you put it, is actually to combat the real ignorance of people who think more guns in the answer to gun violence. How many more people have to die before Americans finally realize that all the other developed nations don’t have that kind of violence because of gun control? That’s the point of the video, not just to insult people but to educate.

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