Long weekend with my little guy…

If I was working by the old visitation schedule, I would have had this weekend off and could have wasted my time farting around and doing whatever I wanted. But I’ve agreed to a new schedule, one that gives me more time with my boys. As you all know, I never say no to extra time with my boys. the new schedule goes like this:

Week #1: both boys come over for the weekend.

Week #2: Ethan comes over the weekend.

Week #3: Jon comes over for the weekend.

Week #4: Dad gets the weekend off. No kids.

So instead of only getting them once every other weekend, I get at least one kid three out of every four weekends. This weekend was #2, which was a full weekend with Ethan. Since this was the long weekend, I took Ethan Friday afternoon and he goes back to his Mom tomorrow. I agreed to this new schedule cause I think the boys would benefit from some one on one time with not only myself, but with their mother as well.

This weekend Ethan and I had a lot of fun. The weather was nice so we went out for a few walks, went to the park and even took our ball gloves to have that first game of catch we were talking about for a while. We also did some arts and crafts at the house and today I cooked a whole chicken for Sunday dinner. We had a pretty good time together.

While this new schedule is bleeding me of what little resources I have, I don’t mind. My boys are worth it and I’ll do my best to keep up. I’ve been enjoying the extra time so I’ll find a way to make it work.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their long weekend, and I’ll be back tomorrow. Until then, take care everyone!



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