Monday School: Why do Atheists read the bible?

It’s Monday! Time for another session of Monday School! Thank you once again for returning for more ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Today we’re going to tackle a recurring issue I’ve had to combat since becoming an Atheist twenty years ago. When believers realize that I do not follow any religions, they often assume the reason why is because I just haven’t read their holy book, which apparently has the powers to convince me that billions of years of big bangs, dinosaurs and countless evolutions never happened.

Sure, whatever.

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Hamlet and Ghost Writing…

I did my audition on Friday and while I thought it went well, I didn’t get cast. I got the email this morning but as much as I would have loved to do this project, part of me is thankful I didn’t get it. When I went in for the audition, I realized that this had a huge rehearsal schedule for over two months. The idea of busing into Toronto every day for weeks and months on end was insane, and expensive. There’s no way I could have done that and I think my availability was another reason they were not comfortable with casting me. For that reason, I understand. It was still great experience to go out and read for it.

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Monday School: Muslim Cleric bans women from handling whole bananas…


Welcome back! It’s time for another edition of Monday School! Your weekly helping of the ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

This week’s lesson is going to be a mouthful, literally. I found this article online last week that covered a proposal by some Islamic Cleric that has clearly lost his marbles. According to the piece written by International Business Times, an Islamic Cleric somewhere in Europe has declared that women should not touch or be anywhere near bananas and/or cucumbers in order to avoid men from having sexual thoughts.

I really wish that I was making this up.

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20 Questions I’m Not Afraid To Answer

A very right wing blogger re-posted an article from a conservative site that asked a few questions. The person who posted it went as far as to suggest that certain people (especially from the center or the left) were afraid to acknowledge these questions, let alone answer a single one of them.

I love a challenge especially whenever I get a chance to show up this ignorant jackoff. I decided to answer each and every question from that article. My goal is to shower these questions with a healthy dose of common sense to prove not only how ignorant these people are, but how their bias is clouding their judgement.

The issues stated in most of these questions are not black and white as the writers and the right like they would like to think they are. There are layers of grey that need to be addressed and until they are, most of the problems we face today will be very difficult to over come.

So let’s get to these alleged questions I’m apparently too afraid to answer.


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Monday School: Slow postage for non-believers?

It’s Monday! Time once again for Monday School… your ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’ Today’s theme was provided by a reader who sent me a link to check out some rather stunning shoes.

I went on to read the article which I thought was fascinating enough to discuss today. The story details a company that believes its products were being delayed or not delivered at all because of how they were packaged. The article I read was about a shoe company in Germany that was receiving complaints from consumers whose shoes were taking a while to get delivered to them in the United States. It turns out the US Postal Service took longer to deliver the product because it had a logo on it that had the word ‘Atheist’ printed on it.

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Jack Harper: Tom Cruise
Beech: Morgan Freeman
Julia: Olga Kurlenko
Victoria: Andrea Riseborough
Sykes: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Sally: Milissa Leo

Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
Written by: Joseph Kosinski, Karl Gajdusek and Michael Arndt
Running Time: 125 minutes
Rated: PG-13 (for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language)

The title is very fitting for this movie, as the idea of being oblivious to what’s going around is a central theme to the film. This is a ongoing feeling as Oblivion moves on, wrapped in a mysterious plot that drags you and and keeps you captivated for a little over two hours. There isn’t as much action as the trailers would suggest but the story and the acting are so good I really didn’t care if there was any. This was a stirring sci-fi that had a very Arthur C. Clarke feel too it, which might explain why I enjoyed it so much. Cloaked in a great storyline that I refuse to spoil, Oblivion delivers some good twists that made this one of the better films of 2013.

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