Pita pizzas and Blue Jays on TV

Last weekend I had Ethan for four days, and now I got Jon for his weekend. I picked Jon up after school, and while Ethan wanted to come too… he understood that this was his one on one weekend with Mom. This gives Ethan and his Mom a chance to do some things they can’t do if Jonathan is hanging around. I took the little guy home and we had pita pizzas for supper. Jon loves pizza so we took some pitas, spread some pizza sauce on it and then topped it with cheese. Jon doesn’t like toppings so his pizzas were easy to make. I however tossed a few extras on my pita pizzas. I diced and then fried an onion and added a small box of anchovies to my pizzas. It was great, and Jon loved his pizzas too.

After supper, Jonathan and I watched the Blue Jay game, as they take on the Red Sox tonight. Jon loves cuddling up on the couch with a blanket for the Jays game and tonight was no different. He watched the first hour and a half of the game before coming up to me and saying ‘bed time’ and I took Jon to bed and tucked the little guy in for the night. He passed out less than ten minutes later and is snoozing away. I’m going to crash early after the game is over too. Today was a good day with Jonathan, but I’ve never had many if any bad days with the little guy. We get along and we do all right.

Tomorrow I’m going to let Jon play on the computer, do some crafts and there’s another Blue Jay game on at 1pm tomorrow. I also got my hands on a bootleg of “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” which is that new movie with Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey. It looks funny, so if I have time I might check it out tomorrow. I want to see the new episode of Spartacus but I’ll have to wait for Jon to sleep before I watch that, just a tad too violent for the little guy.

Here are some pictures of our night:

(Jon’s cheese pita pizza)

(Ready to serve!)

(Hmmmmmm… Pizza.)

(Some fried onions…)

(Plus one can of anchovies…)

(Equals a totally kick ass pizza!!)

(Jon’s ready for the game. Go Jays!)

So it’s been a great day, and I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with the little guy tomorrow. Here’s hoping everyone has a great Friday night and I’ll be back later. Until then, take care…



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