O what a rogue and peasant slave am I

If you recognize the quote above, you’ll know what direction this entry is going to take. I’ve been called to drop into Toronto in two weeks for an audition. I need to have two monologues ready for this audition, which will be for a film adaptation of … Hamlet.

This film is going to be an unabridged version of the classic tragedy, and made available for people to download to their computers or tablets to watch or use as a study guide for people who are studying the play in school or university.

I have no idea what part I’m being considered for, but I have selected two monologues that contrast one another… which I am obviously going to start working on this week.

The first monologue I’ve selected is from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, one of my favourite plays and the monologue is spoken by my favourite character: Senior Benedict. A monologue from Act II when Benedict responds to hearing the rumor from ease dropping on the men that Beatrice loves him.

I’ve decided to be bold with my second selection and read from Hamlet. Go big or go home I always say… so I will be doing one of Hamlet’s monologues, the one which starts with the titled posted above. It’s a great monologue and hopefully will help me at my audition.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Shakespeare. When I was thirteen, I bought a copy of the complete works, just because I wanted to. I was reading his stuff long before I had to read it in school.

I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it would be to get any part in this production. I’m hoping for a role with some meat, but I’d play just about anything if they asked me to (except Yorick).

So that’s the big news here, two weeks from this coming Friday… I will be reading for what could be in my books a fun project to partake in.

Have a great day everyone, I’ve got some monologues to start memorizing…




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