Monday School: Slow postage for non-believers?

It’s Monday! Time once again for Monday School… your ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’ Today’s theme was provided by a reader who sent me a link to check out some rather stunning shoes.

I went on to read the article which I thought was fascinating enough to discuss today. The story details a company that believes its products were being delayed or not delivered at all because of how they were packaged. The article I read was about a shoe company in Germany that was receiving complaints from consumers whose shoes were taking a while to get delivered to them in the United States. It turns out the US Postal Service took longer to deliver the product because it had a logo on it that had the word ‘Atheist’ printed on it.

According to the article In late 2012, a “cadre of shoemakers and artists in Berlin, Germany, who make ridiculously comfortable, Bauhaus-inspired shoes” decided to test a hypothesis. They’d noticed that some of their customers in the States were experiencing delays and other problems receiving their shipments. They began to wonder why. Could it be the packing tape they used? The tape prominently featured the name of their brand: ATHEIST. Kickstarted into existence just last year, aims to provide soles for the godless, with shoes that feature “Ich bin atheist” or “Darwin Loves” on their rubbery undersides.

Here is a picture of the shoes in question:

I don’t know about you… but those are so good looking shoes. What the company ended up doing was sent out two different types of packages out at the same time to the same client… some had the atheist tape on it, while the other just had regular packing tape. The boxes that were sent out with the Atheist tape on it took an average of three additional days to arrive to their desired location. A handful of boxes with the Atheist tape also never arrived to their destination at all… going missing mid-delivery. The boxes that had generic tape all arrived sooner than the boxes that did not and only one of them was lost. This is clear evidence of discrimination by US Postal workers against Atheists.

I’m not sure what can be done to complain about this alleged discrimination, but based on the results of their test… the German company is now using generic tape on all deliveries to the United States. They have seen a dramatic difference in the speed of their deliveries since then. It’s sad that this company had to do that just to insure their deliveries were not late, but I commend them for looking into the matter rather than just dismissing it which a lot of companies have been known to do.

This is something that I honestly think the US Postal company needs to look into. If Atheist packages are being delayed could that also mean that parcels with logos or hints of other religions suck as Islam or Buddhist might be delayed based on this clear bias? I hope not but if people are not doing their jobs because of personal anger towards the views of those shipping the parcels, they should be removed from their position immediately.

If you would like to purchase a pair of these amazing shoes (something I am seriously considering myself), you can browse their interesting selection at this link. They look very comfortable but they are a little expensive, going for around one hundred and thirty euros a pair. I personally like the brown pair whose pic I posted above. I might have to add that to my must have hit list.

One day companies like the one shown here will be able to use whatever packaging they want to deliver their products, but based on their small study… today is not that day. So what do you think? Is this company being discriminated against by the US Postal workers or are they merely blowing things out of proportion?



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