Hamlet and Ghost Writing…

I did my audition on Friday and while I thought it went well, I didn’t get cast. I got the email this morning but as much as I would have loved to do this project, part of me is thankful I didn’t get it. When I went in for the audition, I realized that this had a huge rehearsal schedule for over two months. The idea of busing into Toronto every day for weeks and months on end was insane, and expensive. There’s no way I could have done that and I think my availability was another reason they were not comfortable with casting me. For that reason, I understand. It was still great experience to go out and read for it.

Now for another interesting twist, I friend of mine referred me to a site that allows writers to apply and get paid to ghost write for someone else. While the concept of Ghost Writing irks me a bit, writing out someone else’s idea and letting them take full credit for it, right now I need the money and beggars cannot be choosers. I found a very cool one that didn’t need a story or novel written, just a chapter summary. Basically they wanted plot points and an organized summary chapter by chapter. Kind of like a map for them to follow while writing the books by him/herself. I was cool with that and applied, asking for a decent price and providing good samples.

Turns out the person loved my samples and hired me before the articles due date. I had two weeks to finish the product and I did it in less than five days. I handed the completed plot summaries in less than a half hour ago and if the client likes it, payment will be released to my paypal account and I’ll have some extra cabbage to work with. If he needs some revisions or has some ideas he wants tossed in, I got plenty of time to tinker with it and so I’m happy with where I am with this project.

When I get paid for this project, I’m hoping to use the money for at least two things. My older brother is celebrating his 40th birthday in less than three weeks, so I’m going to hit E-bay and get something nice for him. I might use E-bay again to get something for Ethan cause I haven’t been able to get him much in the last several months. And again for my bro’s birthday, I’m going to buy some IMAX tickets online to check out Star Trek: Into Darkness which opens only a few days after he hits the big four zero. He’ll love that…

So while Hamlet was a bust, I’ve found other things to take up my time and get ahead in this world I hope everyone else had a killer weekend and I’ll be around tomorrow to post a new Monday School. Until then, take care everyone!



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