The Kijiji Car Jacker

We’ve had a very scary incident occur her in Ontario, very close to where I live actually. Two men responded to a ad on Kijiji, a web site that allows you to post free classified ads… and these two men wanted to inquire about buying a truck from some dude in Ancaster, which is a town right next to the city where I live. The two men came over to check the truck out and seemed very interested. They asked the owner if they could take it out for a test drive, to which the owner agreed since he was eager to make a sale. They all drove off for the test drive together, and the owner and his truck have never been seen since. The incident occurred five days ago on Monday, and police in the area are not considering it a homicide investigation.

This case sounds very similar to the ‘Craigslist’ killer from Ohio who lured people to work at his farm in Ohio only to kill them. Needless to say people in my area are a tad freaked out by this. After listening to a press conference this morning, we learned that the cellphone belonging to the owner of the truck was found in another town. We also learned that the two men who kidnapped this man and stole his truck also attempted a similar rouse on a man in Toronto but didn’t go through with it. The fact that they tried to do the same thing to a man in Toronto gives us the knowledge that this act was premeditated, and that doesn’t bode well for the man who is missing.

I hoping for the best, but I am clearly preparing for the worst as well. The person I feel for is this man’s wife who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the truck but just wants her husband back. People are nervous and they have every right to be. Yesterday the police force started to investigate this as a homicide and that doesn’t seem to ambitious to me. Chances are this guy is deed for trying to sell his car online. Very similar to the Craigslist killer, especially considering that these two dudes already tried this once before already.

People have to be so careful when they are selling things online. If you are going to meet someone, please don’t meet this person at your home, never meet them at night and as you can see from what has happened here in Ontario… don’t meet anyone alone either. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but a lot of us up here have learned a very valuable lesson that I think everyone needs to heed. Most people online trying to sell things are good people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to cover your own ass.

That being said, I hope we find this guy safe and sound, but forgive me if I don’t hold my breathe. My gut along with years of studying criminal anthropology tell me something different, but still I hope that this has a happy ending. I doubt it will, but one can hope.



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