Update on the Kijiji Car Jacker

Police arrested a suspect over the weekend and then the found the stolen truck a short time later. Yesterday it was announced that they found the charred remains of the young man who went missing in Hamilton over a week ago. Based on what we are being told by police there was no chance of ever finding him alive, the victim was murdered the same night he was taken. Based on the circumstances, this is the end I saw coming… though I was hoping for the best, I was also prepared for the worst.

I can only imagine what his family is going through right now. As of this moment, the police are still looking for a motive, which is puzzling a lot of people. It appears this wasn’t over the truck, but until someone talks we’ll have no idea why this happened. In the end, maybe we should all assume it was over a truck because in the end we might not like the true motive once we find out what it is…

I can only imagine how Kijiji is going to respond to this. It’s not exactly the first time something like this has happened. Years ago we had the Craigslist killer, some dude who lured people out to his home in Ohio and killed them. Three people died before the authorities figured out what was going on. Is the website going to make changes, or will the family of the victim have to sue them to make the site safer for users in the future? We’ll have to wait and see.

The trail isn’t going to be an easy one for the victim’s family nor the city. The lawyer of the accused has stated that his client has plead not guilty and plans to fight the charges. With no motive, it’s not going to be easy for the crown to obtain a conviction. It’s not going to be a pretty trial… and the guy has money so he’s going to hire his own dream team and try to OJ his way out of it. People are going to be super pissed of something like that happens.

Right now, a man is dead for no apparent reason and people are morning. I feel for them and hope with time the pain will ease. Until then my thoughts are with them in these terrible times.



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