Monday School: Protesting Evolution? Seriously?

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, so welcome to a special holiday edition of Monday School! Even on stat holidays, you are able to get your weekly helping of ‘the Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Now while some will find this disturbing, I am very sure many of you will roar with laughter at what I am about to show you. The following flyer was found at a college campus. I really wish I was making this up, it’s so ridiculous that one would almost suspect it’s a prank. However, it’s apparently a real rally… to protest evolution!

Check it out, then apply palm to face:

I don’t know about you guys, but I roared with laughter at many of the things listed as things that evolution causes. First of all, there is no such thing as Nazism, it’s called Fascism and it was not caused by evolution but by hatred and bigotry from angry Christians. Religion was what fueled the anger and atrocities of the second world war, not evolution.

The part about evolution causing pedophilia in the church is completely absurd. I think the church itself might have to accept a little responsibility for who they hire to preach their word. Since most if not all priests are devoutly religious, how can we blame evolution if they choose to rape child? Earth to Vatican; Pedophiles in the Church is a CHURCH problem! Are we clear on that one?

The part about evolution causing Rock & Roll, sounds about right to me. Music like the species changes with time… and we all know how much religious people hate change, so that is something we wouldn’t actually mind taking credit for. Happily I might add!

Another surprise is that homosexuality and atheism are not even on the list! I mean you’d have a better case for that then you would the absurd things listed up there.

Like I said above this seems like a sick joke and I really hope it is. The idea that someone out there is going to blame things like political ideologies on evolution would be like blaming the weather for the stock exchange dropping a few hundred points. It’s ridiculous and it only makes these religious fools look even more crazier that we think they already are.

I just find it hilarious that these religious nuts are actually going to protest Evolution. Where do we get tickets to watch that? Wouldn’t that be the same as shouting at a disease in the hope it goes away?

Well, at least these clowns acknowledge evolution I suppose, even if they do it just to label it as evil.



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