Nudity in Star Trek?

There are a few people getting their panties in a bunch over a specific scene in the new Star Trek movie (Into Darkness) about a scene of gratuitous nudity that was completely unnecessary. When I first heard this, I was very confused. I saw the new Trek movie last week, and I don’t remember seeing any T&A at all… not once. Was there a boob flash that I missed? A wardrobe malfunction that was missed by the editors?

Nope, according to these whiners who have nothing better to do… this is the nude scene they’re referring to:


Seriously? This is not nudity. This is a woman in her bra and panties. It’s no different than seeing a woman in a two piece bathing suit. Are you fucking kidding me? If this is nudity, than the person in question hasn’t been watching HBO lately because that by their definition would be pornography. Compared to shows like Game Of Thrones or True Blood… this is not nudity. Not even close!

The unthinking idiots are claiming saying the scene is just unnecessary, to which I saw is utterly ridiculous. The character in her undies above is Dr. Carol Marcus, which all Trekies who know their shit understand is Kirk’s baby mama… who later in the Trek world gives birth to Kirk’s only child, David Marcus. So the scene establishes that there is still a thing between the two of them, despite the change in the timeline. It gives us a hint that David will still be coming into this world despite the changes in the timeline. It tries to tell us that despite the changes made by the previous films villain that some things are not going to change.

There are a lot of things about this complaint that just rub me the wrong way. Earlier in the film, we see Kirk in his undies and in bed with two women. There was no purpose of that scene (besides a good laugh) but it too was very gratuitous in every way. The same can be said for the previous Trek movie where we saw Kick again in his undies making out with a half naked green woman. The only purpose of that scene was to see a half naked green woman. No complaints there. Complete hypocrisy here people…

Now I’m going to be honest with you guys: I’m not going to let Ethan watch Star Trek Into Darkness. My decision to not let the little guy watch the movie has nothing to do with the scene of the woman in her undies, none what so ever. The movie is too violent for a kid Ethan’s age. There is a very, very brutal scene where an ass whooping Benedict Cumberbatch hands Kirk his ass and then goes on to viciously stomp on the leg of the same blonde chick pictured above, savagely breaking her leg. Now Dr. McCoy has no problem fixing it with advanced future medical tools but the brutal nature of the scene was shocking, as was the next few seconds. Cumberbatch’s character grabs someone’s head and completely crushes that person’s skull between his bare hands like he was popping a zit. It’s pretty brutal. This is why Ethan won’t be seeing this movie anytime soon, not some stupid scene with Alice Eve in her undies.

This is why I find this complaint to be so ridiculous. Basically cold blooded murder is just fine but seeing a woman in her bra and panties is considered offensive. If that is the only think you have a problem with, shut the hell up!



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