The return of Pirate Daddy…

For the first time in almost five years, I’m having another Iritis attack. While I’m not fond of the idea of dealing with the red eye again, this is the first time I’ve had an inflammation in half a decade.

So when the eye went from a light pink to a dark red, I went into Emerg and got an immediate referral to an eye specialist and just jumped through the regular series of hoops to get my hands on the drugs I need (Roids) to start fighting this thing back.

Because of light sensitivity, the eye patch is back. The last time I had a major attack, Ethan always called me ‘Pirate Daddy’ cause of the eye patch. So for the next few week’s, Pirate Daddy is back… Arrrrrr!

That’s why I’ve been offline most of the week, I’ve been avoiding staring at computer screens as much as often. I’m taking my drops when expected and doing my best to beat this thing. Chances are I am not going to be on OD for the next while, just to avoid having to hurt my eye looking at a white screen.

I’ll be back on OD when things are better. Until then, everyone take care.



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