It’s been a while

Fighting a self inflicted inflammation is a royal pain in the ass… or eye that is. My first Iritis attack in over six years has proven to be such a pain, a royal one at that, and for that reason use of the internet during that time has been very limited. I haven’t written anything in over a week, especially on this diary and I’ve been suffering from OD withdrawal. While I am not fully recovered, my light sensitivity is improving and I’m able to function in front of a monitor again.

Being away from both the computer and the television forced me to sit down and read a few books, something I didn’t have the motivation to do for a while. I’ve started reading the ‘Jack Reacher’ books by Lee Child, and I have to say… I am VERY impressed with these books. I’m halfway through book #3 of the series and the movie with Tom Cruise while decent is nothing compared to the books. The books are ten times better and I can see myself reading the rest of these books by the end of the year.

I did watch a little television this week. Game Of Thrones was off the hook on Sunday… with the ‘Red Wedding’ episode. It was a very brutal scene but its nothing compared to the stuff I’ve been watching on Spartacus for the last few seasons. Still, with one more episode to go, episode nine of each season is starting to become the one to look out for. I wish HBO would actually extend the seasons to 15 rather than 10 episodes. They did it for the Sopranos, they can do it for GoT.

After a big of arm twisting, I started watching the first season of Dr. Who, that season with Christopher Eccleston. I’ve watched a bit of the show here and there, but now I’m going to watch them all in order. So far so good… I’m eight episodes into season one. The goal is to be fully caught up when the big 50th Anniversary episode airs in November.

I’m doing better health wise and it’s good to be back, writing on OD again. I hope everyone else is doing well and I will catch up with my favourites and leave notes in due time. Until then… take care!



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