Coming back now…

The eye is doing much, much better and after seeing an eye specialist about six times over the last three weeks… the inflammation is finally going away.

I’ve managed to do a few more things this week, like write a few stories… work on a few ghost writing projects, catch up on some shows.

First off, the finale of Game of Thrones was a complete bore. While episode 9 is gaining a reputation for being the best episode of every season… episode 10 is becoming the worst of every year. GOT is the most popular series HBO has had in a very, very long time. If the station was smart, they’d do the same thing they did the Sopranos and expand from 10 to 18 episodes. Serious, 10 is not enough… I want more!

Speaking of more, I heard that Hannibal has been renewed by NBC. Great move on their part as it’s one of the most suspenseful shows I’ve seen them produce in over half a decade. It’s amazing, and I can’t wait to see next week’s finale.

Burn Notice’s final season started last week. I had a few friends over on Monday to watch the premiere and it was pretty cool. While I’m sad to see the show go, I’m hoping it will end well.

True Blood starts this weekend… I can’t wait to see what the show does concerning Billith. Yeah, I’m sorry but that nic-name is sticking.

I’m also looking forward to catching Season 4 of Strikeback. I watched all three seasons last summer and I’m dying to see more. I’m normally not into the gung ho, macho military kind of shows but this is the best on since CBS had the unit, and I think Strikeback is even better since it skips all the bullcrap with the wives.

I’m also halfway through season two of Dr. Who and yes, I’m hooked. I should have all six seasons finished in time to watch the 50th anniversary episode in November. Also, did you guys realize that Torchwood is an anagram for Doctor Who? Yes, I think your mind is completely blown now, isn’t it?

Over the last few months, I’ve been writing original science fiction stories and posting them online in chapters. If you want to read the stories (titled ‘Lunar One’ and ‘Tales Of The Rocket Patrol’) you can read them on my Wattpad Account. I’ve done a lot of Sci-fi fan fiction, but these two stories are my first original Sci-fi stories. So if you’re into that genre, take a gander and tell me what you think of them.

After an absence due to illness, I am going to try to get things going again here on OD. I will be writing a Man Of Steel review either tonight or tomorrow… and Monday School will resume next week.

I watched ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in its entirety for the first time in forever earlier this week, and I can’t get the songs out of my head. I ripped the soundtrack to my computer and have been listening to it all week. I have an amazing Rocky Horror t-shirt, it has Tim Curry on the front of it and it says ‘Don’t Dream it, be it.’ It’s very cool…

So the good news is I’m doing much better this week and I am back on OD. I hope everyone else has been doing well in my absence and I will make an effort to catch up with my favourite blogs and leave lots of notes and love in the coming days.

Until then, everyone take care!



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