A fun weekend painting!!!

I had the last weekend off, but that doesn’t mean I had a relaxing weekend. I did some adjustments with my ex, ended up taking an extra weekend just to have last weekend off. The reason why was because there were three face painting events that weekend that I wanted to take part in. As many of you know, I’ve been painting faces with the Cat’s Claws program to help raise money for charity. It’s been a very positive experience for me and I enjoy volunteering my time and creativity to help out a good cause and bring smiles to the kids I paint for.

So last weekend, I took part in three events. Two of them were on Saturday and one was on Sunday. I must have painted over 400 faces that weekend… at least! It was a lot of fun still and I enjoy working to help make life for people who are less fortunate than myself. The good news is I am getting much better at the face painting the more I work at it. Check these out:

This is a good example of the king of painting I was doing that weekend. That heart with the initial on it was a big hit with the girls. Once one of them saw it, they all wanted one. We made a lot of donations for our cause so it was all worth it.

Even though it wasn’t my weekend, I still took the time to visit my boys on father’s day for a few hours before taking off for Sunday’s painting event. It was nice to hang out with my boys and they gave me some gifts they made at school which were all very cute. So I got to attend all the painting events I wanted without missing my boys on the big day too… I’d say a good weekend.

If felt good to also get out side after spending most of four weeks indoors with the red eye. It’s almost gone which I am happy to see. the sooner I can get off the roids, the better.

So that’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a bitchin’ week!



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