Another great weekend with my boys!

I had another great weekend with Ethan and Jonathan… and they were very well behaved despite the fact that pool wasn’t open yet. It needed a bit of a cleaning before I could authorize any jumping in. I also want to get some new water wings for Jon to help him stay above in case he’s still not tall enough, but I’m working on that.

Here is something fun I’ve been doing with the boys, I’ve been using the pillsbury croissant mix and rolling them with hotdogs and cheese to make pigs in a blanket. Jon wasn’t too fond of them, but Ethan ate half of the batch I made. Check them out:

(Before baked…)

(After baking at 350 for only 12 minutes)

(I honestly think the cheese makes it really good…)
Ethan loved them so much, he’s asked that I make it for him again for his next weekend. I can’t see why not… I liked them too. Later that weekend, my brother and his fiance dropped by to visit. While Chris was there, he dropped off some new shirts for the boys. Being the comic fan that I am, I thought they were awesome…

(Jon wearing a Superman shirt with the new ‘Man of Steel’ modern logo…)

(Ethan picked this one, he’s into the more traditional logo…)
I’m a big Superman fan, so the gift was well received. Based on our new schedule, I get Ethan on his own next weekend and then Jonathan on his own for a week or so when Leah heads off for the Island with Ethan. I’m looking forward to my week with Jon. Chris and I are making plans so that Jon has a good week of his own as well. While I’m not fond of Leah leaving one kid behind for the trip, I’ll take the extra time and try to make the best of it for my little guy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I’ll be around.



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