Monday School: Change comes from action, not words

After taking a week off, it’s time to come back to Monday School! Still your ongoing go to place for ‘The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Today we’re going to approach the ongoing hypocrisy of the Catholic church, especially when it comes to deal with their response to the comments being made by their new leader, Pope Frank.

A few months ago, Pope Frank made the statement that all good people will be allowed into heaven (even atheists) as long as they live a good life. It seemed like a very positive message, aimed to give everyone reason to be nice to their fellow man, but the Church was quick to correct that statement, saying that no one gets into heaven unless they accept Christ first… basically telling people that their own leader was incorrect.

There goes any question about the alleged infallibility of the Pope.

Over the weekend, Pope Frank made an attempt to be nice to homosexuals. The key word of the previous sentence is attempt because I honestly think it was an epic failure, and one that will still have Vatican workers scrambling to correct the current fopa made by Frank.

Frank made the comments during a meeting with the press that they would welcome homosexuals who want to accept God, yet he still went on to state that the church’s position on being gay was a sin. I don’t know about you, but calling someone a sin doesn’t sound very accepting of anything. I can see Frank is trying to extend an olive branch, but I doubt anyone in the gay community will find this anything but insulting. Until the church stops referring to being gay as a sin, I doubt that any kind of accepting will be going on here from either side.

Let’s just take a step back and look at Pope Frank for what he really is. It’s been a hundred days since he stepped in as the new Pope, and we are beginning to see his true colours. His constant attempt to look more progressive despite ranting the same old, same old is business as usual. Combine this with attempts to appeal to the younger crowd by washing their feet in a PR stunt or try to sway minds with twitter, Frank is just doing lip service to generate more people (aka business) for the company he works for.

The more people try to change things, the more they stay the same. Frank is no different than Eggs Benedict and the proof is in the pudding. If Frank truly cared about people and their health, he would stop the church from condemning condoms in Africa, which could save lives.

That guy all good Catholics claim to follow, what was his name again? That’s right, Jesus. I do remember he said something about loving your enemy and forgiving people for trespassing, not to condemn someone all the time for doing something you don’t approve of. The actions of the current Church are not in adherence to what their martyr said they should do, nor does it jive with what is politically correct in the 21 Century.

Another thing that irks me a great deal is how Frank has yet to do anything relevant about pedophile priests. Saying “gay acts” are sinful does not serve any justice to those children who suffered from the sinful actions of his priests.

The bit about the “door is closed” to women priests just shows how backward and closed minded the new pope, or at least the hierarchy of the Catholic Church really is. If Frank truly cared about women’s rights, he would think they were capable of leading and not just doing paperwork in the background.

From what I’ve seen in his first 100 days, Pope Frank is no different than the last several popes who have come along; stubborn, old fashioned and ignorant.

In this case concerning the catholic church, the blind really are leading the blind.



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