The week that was… kind of

It’s been seven days since I posted an entry here on OD but I’m not upset about it. After a long overdue maintenance, the site is humming along very nicely and is tip top for the first time in like… forever.

The last several days have been quite interesting. I took Jon last Friday because the program he works with is shut down for two weeks. Leah watched him last week and it was my turn this week. Jon and I have had a very peaceful, easygoing week.

For some reason Jon has been easier to deal with when it’s one on one. I guess not having to fight with his older brother for computer time makes for a more peaceful atmosphere. I’ve taken the little guy swimming in the pool, to the water park for some fun with other kids. It’s been a pretty fun time with the little guy.

The week hasn’t been all hunky dory. Jon is having an issue which I might have to take him into the clinic for today. This has been an ongoing issue whenever Jon visits my place; he doesn’t poop. When he visits are only Friday to Sunday, that’s not bad… but I’m seriously concerned cause he’s been here seven days and hasn’t pinched a single loaf. I’ve heard of stubborn, but I might have to take him into the doctor to make sure this isn’t something medical. I’ve tried orange juice, prune juice and other fiber foods to provoke something… but as of this morning there has been no movement.

Speaking of medical issues, I learned recently that my Dad is having problems with his kidney. I said kidney as in singular because my Dad already had one removed last year because of a tumor attached to it. Now the only one he has left isn’t doing so well. When my Dad has his other kidney removed, I told my older brother that because of my medical condition and my little brother’s drinking, he was the go to guy if my Dad was going to need a new kidney. My older brother is in very good health and doesn’t drink… so his kidney’s are tip top. He enjoyed the joke but knew I meant it. Not like anyone had to ask, he’d offer it up in a heartbeat if Dad needed it. Chances are he might need it sooner than later.

As you can tell, for the first time in over a year… I talked to my parents. I was confident communications would return after enough time passed, and concern over Jonathan’s lack of bowel movements was the issue that opened the door. My Mom just happened to be in town because a friend of her’s passed away. After attending services, she stopped by to deliver orange and prune juice for the little guy. Despite our differences, she was there for my little boy and that meant something. I bit the bullet and invited her to come over for dinner on Saturday since she’s in town. I’ll have both kids that day so I thought she’d like to spend more time with them. One step at a time I guess…

So that’s been my week here in the city. I hope everyone else had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend. Now that Open Diary is top tip… I will be posting more entries, especially now that a lot of my writing projects are all finished. So until then, take care everyone!



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