More pictures from Fan Expo

I had a really great with Ethan and my friends at Fan Expo. Ethan had such a good time that he’s already talking about going next year.

My brother also took some pictures and here are a few I wanted to share with you:

(Ethan and I posing with some Stormtroopers…)

(Ethan with what is my favourite Batmobile, the one from the Burton films…)

(My brother took this picture of Ethan with the 9th doctor… turned out better)

(When his mom asked on the phone, Ethan said this was his favourite picture…)

(Pic taken by brother Chris… and he got Vader in this one!)

(I’m gonna be honest, very uncomfortable. I thought the Iron Throne was better…)

(A promotional thing for Man Of Steel, and it was free… so no complaints!)

One thing I likely forgot to mention: while I was getting in line to check out the panel interview with the cast of ‘The Listener’, I bumped into Nathan Fillion while he was on his way to do something else. We just passed by one another in the hallway. I realized he was in a rush to get somewhere, so all I did was raise my hand and give a friendly greeting.

Nathan smiled and returned my wave with a nod and said, “Hey.”

Like I said, not an epic encounter, but I guess that’s better than no encounter.

Also, Ethan, my brother Chris, my friend Patrick and I all managed to see a sneak peak of the new J.J. Abrams show titled ‘Almost Human’.

It’s a show based in the future when robots are used for a large portion of law enforcement, and Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd) is a cop who isn’t fond of using any of them. In interesting take on Will Smith’s character from I Robot. So in the last event we attended, the audience in attendance got to see the pilot episode of this show in its entirety. Karl Urban was there to speak with the audience and introduce the episode before it aired.

The show is going to air on FOX starting November 4th, and based on what I saw, I’m eager to tune in and see more. Ethan was a little iffy on it himself, but the rest of us got into the the show and enjoyed it. The audience was insane about it, and gave the episode a roaring applause when it was over. If you like decent Sci-fi and you really liked I Robot, I’d recommend checking it out. I have a feeling you’ll really like it.



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