Please don’t be that girl…

This entry could get me into some hot water, but so be it.

I really don’t want to lecture people about the ‘boy who cried wolf’ but we are having some serious problem with ‘the girl who cried rape’… something that is become more common to the point where women are being charged and convicted for filing false reports.

Rape is a serious issue, so everyone should take it seriously. People are assaulted everyday by criminals who force themselves onto people who do not consent to the act being force upon them. Men are not the only people who have to take this issue seriously, women have to as well. In order for the authorities to successfully prosecute anyone who commits this terrible act is for women to only report this crime when it actually happens.

This has been a very serious issue; Women have blatantly lied about being raped. Some women have falsely accused men of raping them to punish an ex they’re angry at, or a teacher that gave them a failing grade and sometimes because they regretted sleeping with someone the next day. Some women have made false accusations of rape because they were caught cheating and didn’t want to get in trouble with their spouse… so they make a false allegation of something that never happened. It has been estimated that anywhere between fifteen to twenty percent of all rape accusations are false. These are incidents that never happened and were fabricated by the alleged victim.

When women make these false accusations, it’s not fair to the women who are actually assaulted, not only because the police have to verify if their story is true but investigating crimes that never happened takes away valuable time and manpower that should to be used investigating incidents where a crime actually happened.

Women need to also understand that filing a false report is a crime. In July of this year, a woman was sentenced to two years in prison for falsely accusing multiple men of raping her. None of these actual assaults ever occurred and the judge scolded her for ‘undermining the the public’s belief in the truth when allegations are truthfully made.’

Another girl in the state of New York was ordered to pay 431,000 dollars in damages to the man who she falsely accused of raping years ago. While I am sure some of you might find this unfair, the man who she has to pay already stated that he will forgive the entire debt if she would publicly confess to what she did and apologize.

Women have filed so many false accusations that the courts have no choice but to punish those who are proven to be lying in an attempt to lower the amount of false reports from being filed. Filing a false report has always been a crime that could land anyone in jail. This is why everyone who is accused of doing something is always innocent until proven guilty… because there are quite a few incidents where people have been falsely accused and later proven to be innocent of all charges.

Sleeping with someone you later regret is not rape. Having fun and making out with a guy when you’re both intoxicated is not rape. If you consent, it’s legal. If you are ashamed of it later, that doesn’t change the fact that you were a willing participant. Now if you lie about a crime, you’re the one who goes to jail. I really wish we didn’t have to threaten people to do the right thing but for some reason people would rather toss around false allegations than admit they made a mistake that they have to accept responsibility for.

Only report a crime when one actually occurs.

Please, don’t be that girl.



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