Ethan’s first decade…

Today my oldest son turned ten years old. A full decade! Where did the time go?

It only feels like yesterday that I took Leah to the hospital two days before our scheduled c-section to deliver our first son on a Sunday morning. The night before Leah and I had went out to do dinner and a movie, knowing it would be a while before we could do that again. The next morning, her water broke and we were in two days early.

Posted below are pictures of Ethan through the years. You’ll be able to see how much he’s grown over the last decade. If feels like yesterday Ethan was just a small, seven pound baby. Now he’s a big boy that’s in grade 5, taking spelling tests, making friends and playing video games. I still can’t believe it’s been ten years!

Happy birthday Ethan… Daddy loves you!


(Ethan at 1 month old, this is what call his buddha picture.)

(Family portrait made on his 1st birthday)

(Another portrait taken just after the little guy turned two…)

(This was Ethan at the Greyhound picnic, an event used to raise money to rescue abuse racedogs.)

(Very curious about everything around him, even a feather!)

(Hanging out with his Dad…)

(Playing at the park…)

(Ethan during his trip to the ROM…

(Ethan showing a little loyalty to our local NFL team…)

(A picture on Labour Day 2011, as the Dome watching the Jays!)

(Ethan taken this year at Fan Expo… with R2-D2.)


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