This is what universal health care looks like!

Today I had to go to the clinic to see a doctor. When Jonathan visited last weekend, he had a cough. Nothing too serious… as a matter of fact he’s already gotten over it. But my little man loves to share so he passed that cough onto me and unlike him, my health has gotten worse as the week progressed. So I went to the clinic to get checked out just to make sure it was nothing serious.

So I arrived at the clinic, Ontario health card in hand and there was no line to get to the counter. She took my card, verified information and asked me to sign a form. I spoke to her for about a minute or two and then was immediately shown to a room to wait for the doctor. Yeah, I didn’t wait a single minute in the main waiting room. None.

I sat there for a few minutes, about ten of them texting some friends and family who were concerned and then the doctor arrived. He took a look and about ten minutes later broke the news to me: I have strep throat and bronchitis. Fuck me.

The Doc write me up a prescription for pills and two puffers and said if I followed instructions, I’d be better in no time. I picked the drugs up at my local pharmacy on the way home, took my meds, had a cup of tea and then went to bed.

Would you like to know how much it cost for the appointment and the drugs I was prescribed? Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. Zero. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Universal Health Care looks like.

To my American readers, how much would it have cost you to see your doctor and get the meds that were prescribed?

This is the sad truth about mess that is healthcare in the United States. The truth is America pays more per capita. In 2007, it was determined that Canada spent a little over four thousand per person on healthcare. Now compare that with the US which spends over seven thousand, five hundred per person. And what exactly are you getting for all that money being spent? Not much if you ask me. If you still have to pay for your own health coverage, where is all this money going?

My country’s universal plan isn’t perfect, despite how amazing it worked for me today. I’ve had the long waits, but the price was still the same. My future sister-in-law broke her foot, was in a cast and required to surgeries to fix it. Same thing, she paid sweet fuck all for it. So it’s easy to say the average Canuck is getting a lot out of our four thousand per citizen.

This is what upsets me when I hear the GOP whine and cry about government overreach. The United States is the ONLY industrialized nation that doesn’t have universal health care. That is shameful. The reason why the GOP fights Obamacare and Universal health care so much is that their people stand to lose amazing profits they make of the suffering of others. That’s the GOP for you.

This is why the GOP can kiss my ass… they can try to bash my system as much as they want but the fact is I’m at home with meds that are helping me get over a serious illness and I didn’t have to spend a dime to get them prescribed or the script filled. That is the kind of health care that Americans deserve, and what the GOP is hell bent to prevent.

So the next time you hear someone oppose Obamacare, ask they why. Chances are they don’t even know why. This is a good law that’s going to help and possibly save a lot of people. It passed legitimately and was signed into law. There are no tack backs… especially after the people gave Obama a vote of confidence in 2012. The GOP lost the battle on Obamacare, so it’s time to tip your cap to the opposition and move on.

Their hostage taking of the debt ceiling will hurt more than the US economy, it will hurt the world globally. They need to get their heads out of their arses and pass a clean resolution to most the government back into business like the did for Bush without question over half a dozen times during his terms. This kind of hypocrisy won’t do the GOP any favors. The longer they hold out, the more their chances of keeping the house in 2014 slip away.

They’re committing political suicide. They need to back away from the cliff and get back to work.



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