Swap Force day!

Today is Sunday, but as Ethan called it when he woke up today… it’s Swap Force Day! After waiting several months since Activision made the big announcement, today is release day for the new Skylanders game, Swap Force. As a belated birthday gift since I didn’t get him too much on his big day, I used an extra few bucks I scrounged together and I got him a starter kit for the new game.

So after a very long wait, Ethan and I went down to EB Games at my local mall to pick up the new game the moment the store opened at 10am.

Patience isn’t one of Ethan’s strong suits… well, it’s not one of mine either but we waited out front over an hour for the store to open. Eventually our patience was rewarded as Ethan was the first kid inside the video game store to get his new game!

Not only did I get Ethan the new Skylanders Game (Swap Force) but I picked up the special edition, Dark Starter Kit. It was a little more expensive, but it comes with characters that will not be made available in stores, ever. As you can see from the smile on his face, he’s one happy camper. We went straight home and hooked up the new game and Ethan’s butt has been attached to the couch ever since…

Wanna guess where Ethan will be for the rest of the day?

While he was playing his new game, I started to ask him questions about what he was doing. Ethan paused the game, turned to me and asked: “Dad, don’t you have a book to write?”

Translation: Leave me alone, I’m playing my new game!

So… I’m outta here. Apparently there’s a book I should be writing.



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