Long time no post, eh?


It’s been nine days since I’ve posted anything here on WP and while I am a little shamed for neglecting my diary… it’s not all entirely my fault. I’ve been having some technical issues as various sites have been acting up a bit again and while I can’t place all the blame on that. I have been rather ill lately so I haven’t been up to writing anything down. I’ve spent the last two weeks doing my best impersonation of Doc Halladay, hacking up a lung every two minutes. I hate being sick, especially this time of year.

I’ve also been super busy as well, doing writing projects and making some extra coin. I used some of it to buy some early Xmas gifts for the boys. Never hurts to start too early, especially if there is no guarantee that I’ll have the cabbage to get it later. I have a storage room here so I can stash them all away without the kids ever finding them.

I’ve also been preparing for next month as my yearly tradition with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) will continue with my eighth year of participation. I’ve passed the 50k mark every year, so seven years in a row, and I have no doubt I can do eight in a row this November. It will be challenging because I’ll also be writing projects on the side as well, but I’m confident with a little time organization… I will succeed, again.

While I’ve still got a bit of a cough, I’m feeling better and will be back soon to restart Monday School not that OD seems to be working again (knock on wood). I promise to return tomorrow to read up on all my bookmarks buddies and leave some notes. Until then, everyone have a great week and I’ll be around!



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