Here we go again… November madness!

It’s late in the month of November. Usually I am soooo busy working on my Nano that I rarely have time to post any entries here or anywhere for that matter.

This month is no different as I have a Nano plus some other ghost jobs that have taken up almost all of my time.

Beside the writing, I’ve been spending time with my boys and preparing for the holidays when I’ll get them both for ten days. I’m actually looking forward to spending more time with them. I don’t have them for Xmas and I could care less. I’ve got them for the new year so I’m planning to do something special to ring in the new year.

I’m pleased to say that I have a good handful of my holiday shopping done. I got the big gifts out of the way, now I just need to get a few minor gifts and it will all be done. Ethan actually made a gift list this year, and it was pretty modest, and I was happy to see that I had managed to round up half of the things he was asking for. He’ll be one happy camper this winter. Jon is a little more difficult to shop for. He’s not that driven or specific about gifts so shopping for him has been a bit of a mystery. I’ve managed to come up with a few good ideas, I think this will all work out.

My parents are actually coming up to visit this weekend. It should be interesting but as usual I will only see them once, for less than two hours and then my time is up. I have the boys this weekend, so part of me thinks it’s the only reason why I’m getting any time at all. I realize their time is limited but it feels low when you have to fight for time with your own parents. Sad really. All bitterness aside, it will be nice to see them.

I’ve got to apologize for my non-existent presence here on WordPress. Some of it is my fault for being so busy, while some is my internet’s fault for not working well whenever I tried to post something. Hopefully this one goes through because if not I’m not trying again until next month.

Hope everyone is enjoying their November. Catch you on the flip side…



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