RIP Open Diary: 1998 – 2014

Open Diary was my first blog site. I started writing on it in June of 2000, almost fourteen years. For me that’s a record when it comes to writing a journal and now that era is about to end. Earlier today, the owner of the site announced that they will be shutting down in less than two weeks from today. I was crushed. I hoped the owner would take other measures (like booting the free diaries and keeping the paying customers, or even selling the site) before actually closing their doors.

I’m very split on how to feel regarding the owner’s announcement that the site will be shut down in ‘around’ two weeks. I’ve been really slow to post anything this month, being bogged down by various writing projects but this will be my second last entry. The next will be my farewell to OD and then I’m going to walk away. Clean break.

So here is my take on the announcement made about my favourite blogging site:

Part of me wants to thank him for making the site and giving me a place to write and interact with others. OD has been my home for almost 14 years and a world without it seems unimaginable. While part of me is very upset (more on that later) I am still grateful for the 14 years I’ve had on here. During the time on this site I started writing when I was still in University. It also covered my time in South Korea, the birth of my two children and my eventual separation and divorce. So for me… it has truly been quite a ride.

Now another part of me is very upset. I happen to think just shutting down the entire site is a shit move by the owner. He could have sold the site to someone willing to run it and let the site carry on. He could have given the free members two weeks to go OD plus and made it a pay only site. There are tons of options he could have done, but he chose to shut down instead.

A lot of questions and as usual… we will get no answers.

The next entry is going to be my last. I will likely post it around Friday or Saturday.

Until then everyone, take care.



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