An update about the Wedding, Comics and a Suspension

It’s been a very interesting week, so I’ll get right to it.

Last week’s wedding went without a hitch. No one brawled and were well behaved, which made it a special night for the bride and groom. Poor seating choices almost caused chaos but cooler heads prevailed and the wedding was much more than I thought it would be. The food was great, the tent turned out to be a pavilion of some sort and the service was a short and very sweet twenty minutes.

I had a good time crossing the border for the wedding. It allowed me to do a little US shopping before heading back to the great white north. I spent most of my money on groceries for myself and the boys… treats we can’t get at our stores that the kids will enjoy. I had so much fun shopping, I’m gonna have to get Chris to rent a car so we can do it again… especially when I have more money to burn away.

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Crossing the border…

I’ve been invited to a wedding. My cousin (also named Peter) is getting hitched, so I’m making the trek to the state of New York to witness him take the plunge. He’s found himself a keeper so despite my history with marriage, I do wish him and his lovely bride all the best.

Now, my family can be a bit finicky… meaning that not everyone likes everyone all the time. There are a few that don’t like me very much at the moment, so to prevent my cousin’s big day from turning into Wrestlemania, I’ve promised to stay away from what is likely going to be a free bar. Doesn’t seem fair, but I might sneak a small glass of champagne if I can. No hard stuff…

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