An update about the Wedding, Comics and a Suspension

It’s been a very interesting week, so I’ll get right to it.

Last week’s wedding went without a hitch. No one brawled and were well behaved, which made it a special night for the bride and groom. Poor seating choices almost caused chaos but cooler heads prevailed and the wedding was much more than I thought it would be. The food was great, the tent turned out to be a pavilion of some sort and the service was a short and very sweet twenty minutes.

I had a good time crossing the border for the wedding. It allowed me to do a little US shopping before heading back to the great white north. I spent most of my money on groceries for myself and the boys… treats we can’t get at our stores that the kids will enjoy. I had so much fun shopping, I’m gonna have to get Chris to rent a car so we can do it again… especially when I have more money to burn away.

Speaking of that, the comic book is going rather well. I’m a few issues away from finishing my initial contact, which was only 8 issues. I get the feeling that they are pleased with my work cause I’ve been told the next contract they want me to sign is for 25 issues. They are even hinting at giving me another comic to rewrite/redo for the future. Sounds like I got some steady work coming my way. The fact that I’m going to join these guys at Fan Expo as a vendor is going to be kickass. We should have two issues printed by then…

Not all news is good; Ethan got suspended from school for three days. According to the school, Ethan got upset because the teacher announced a spelling test. They told us Ethan walked across the room and pushed his teacher right in front of the class before freaking out and breaking his glasses while screaming and crying. This confused me a great deal because Ethan has been doing rather well in Spelling this year. I’ve seen some of his previous tests and he’s been kicking ass. Why would be get upset about a test in a subject he’s doing well in? To me, it just didn’t make any sense. Regardless, Ethan was sent home on Wednesday and told not to return until Tomorrow.

On Friday, when I was walking Jonathan to the bus station, I bumped into a parent who’s older son was in Ethan’s class. With the parent’s permission, I interviewed this kid to get his take on what he saw in the classroom. What I got was a completely different story. He said the teacher got angry with Ethan first because he was sitting on the floor and refusing to get up. I asked this kid why Ethan was on the floor, and he told me Ethan said his foot hurt. The kid went on to tell me that their teacher didn’t believe Ethan, grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him roughly to his feet. According to the kid I was speaking with, that is when the push occurred. So according to this kid, it wasn’t unprovoked as the school wanted us to believe.

I then said, “What about the spelling test?”

The kid replied, “What spelling test?”

I was confused. “Didn’t your teacher announce a spelling test on Wednesday?”

The kids shrugged. “No, we didn’t have any tests on Wednesday.”

Let’s go over that small detail again: There was no spelling test.

This test is the backbone of the school’s story. They claim this test started this incident, which led to Ethan’s suspension, was the reason this entire incident started. According to Ethan’s classmate no such test, or announcement of said test, ever happened that day. Remember, the school also said Ethan crossed the room to push his teacher, so in order for Ethan to hear the announcement of said test it had to be loud enough for the entire class to hear. This kid said not only did he not hear any announcement of a test, there never was a test after Ethan was sent to the office.

To make things worse, the school seems to be covering up the fact that the Teacher was rough with Ethan first. Something that doesn’t bode well with me. The principal when I was speaking with her on the phone said that Ethan’s teacher and his aide tried to calm him down unsuccessfully. Ethan’s classmate said all they did was threaten him with suspension if he didn’t shut up. That’s not exactly a good way to calm down a angered child.

As we speak, I am trying to contact the parents of other kids in Ethan’s class in an attempt to confirm what this kid told me. I’ve known this kid for years, as I talk to his mom and hung out with them every morning before school started. He’s a good kid and has no reason to lie. I believe him, which confirms the suspicions I had about the school’s official story to begin with. As much as I believe him, I need to confirm this so it’s not one person’s word against another.

I have a meeting booked with the Principal of Ethan’s school on Wednesday. Needless to say, I will be bringing this new information to her attention. To say I’m upset is an understatement. I don’t like being lied to and if this school doesn’t work with me, I will not hesitate to take my case to the super of the district or to child services.

The worst part is Leah and I have punished Ethan for something we now suspect didn’t happen the way we were told it did. No we know better for the future. The next time something happens, we will not be taking anyone’s word for it without thoroughly investigating for ourselves.

Lesson learned, we will be more cautious moving forward.



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