Fan Expo 2014: Day One

Fan Expo 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the second Expo I attended by but it was also the first convention that I attended as a vendor/artist. I’ve been writing comic books for River Comics since January of this year, hence why I’ve been so busy lately and they bought a table as well as advertising to push our first issue of Ash Man. So as the writer of the comic book, it was an honor for me to attend the festival. Here are some pictures from this year’s first day at Fan Expo:

We brought a few comics for the event.

This is the half page ad River Comics bought in the Fan Expo program. It looks very awesome.

This picture is of yours truly sitting at our table in artist’s alley. We had a lot of comic books for sale as well as offers of prizes for those who bought something. I was also offering free autographs of all comics (unheard of at this event) and that was well received by those who purchased a graphic novel.

One of the best costumes I saw that day, Data from Star Trek First Contact…

Another very cool costume… Deathstroke!

Another great costume, the Scarecrow… posing with our first issue!

Judgement has been made… Ash Man is awesome!


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