Fan Expo 2014: Day Three

Day Three of Fan Expo was more of the same with a few slight differences. My brother Chris and my Son Ethan were both there for Saturday, which is usually the biggest and best day of the expo. This was Ethan’s second Fan Expo and he had a ton of fun. He enjoyed seeing all the displays as well as watching me sell my comic books and sign them for fans. But that wasn’t the signature that made my son’s day:

One of Ethan’s favorite movies is ‘Enter The Dragon’… the Bruce Lee classic that I got him into over a year ago. Ethan and I have watched the movie a kazillion times, so when Ethan heard that a member of the cast of his favorite Kung Fu movie was going to be at Fan Expo, we had to make this encounter happen. On Day Three of Fan Expo, Ethan met John Saxon (the actor on the right in the picture above) who played Rupert in Enter The Dragon. Saxon was at Fan Expo for the 30th Anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street, but was happy to sign the above picture for Ethan which I am going to have framed for the little guy. Ethan got to meet Mr. Saxon who was very polite and happy to meet the little guy. An encounter that I think made Ethan’s year.

Here are some more photos from Day Three of Fan Expo:

A picture of Ethan posing with a fan dressed as the Dark Knight…

Ethan posing on the Star Wars set at Fan Expo… looks rather cool.

Ethan posing with some Daleks in the Doctor who display…

I loved this costume… was nice of him to pose with our comic book, which he did buy!

He feels a disturbance in the force…

This was another great costume… Wolverine, as if you didn’t know.

This was another cool costume; Old School Transformers!

Mad Eyed Moody, keeping his eye on our first issue…


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