The religion of peace?


I know this is a controversial comic … something dangerous to do lately, especially if you reside in Europe. Yet I’m going to take things further and add some commentary.

The alleged religion of peace or the concept of it is pure bullshit.

This claim doesn’t reside with one religion, but all religions that claim to be one of peace. There are Christians who claim to be peaceful but are doing evil deeds. There are even Buddhists in Asia who are committing great violence that are not in line what what their religion preaches.

The issue with Islam is the Quaran actually tells it’s follows to commit acts of violence. It tells them to beat their women, kill non-believers and people who leave their faith. The fact that a large portion of the billion Muslims that reside on this planet happen to take this book literally should scare the shit out of many of us.

Now not all Muslims are like that, I know this for a fact. I know a good handful of them who are nothing like that and do not take the whole Quaran literally. Those people are kind, considerate and good people. If the majority of Muslims on the planet were more like my friends, this world would be a much better place.

The people depicted above live in countries that are controlled by religion and fear. They are ruled by laws that are outdated and barbaric. Nations that follow the Quaran literally are run by men who are bigots, misogynists and homophobes. They promote chaos and fear, not peace. They are no better than the KKK or the White Supremacists.

They are sick, delusional people that need professional help.They are the ones that are giving the other billion Muslims on the planet a bad rap. And until the rest of the Muslims on the planet take care of it, this is how the world will unfairly view them.




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