Judges 19: 22-30


Just in case you can’t read the passage in the picture:

“After they refused to offer to rape the other man’s daughter, the man gave the gang of angry, drunken men his concubine and they raped her all night long. So the next day they arrived home, the man cut her up into 12 pieces with a knife…” Judges 19: 22-30.

Don’t ya just have it when someone cherry picks the bible?

Now I know what my critics will say: there are more than a few virtuous and true things in the Bible. Yes, there actually are. We should not covet, lie or kill people.

Yet there are also lies as well as wicked and stupid things in that book too. The world is not flat. The sun does not orbit around us, it is the other way around. In other words, we are not the center of the universe. Last but not least, raping someone is wrong.

At the time these stories were laid down they were all considered to be virtuous and true but ever since then the various parts that have ceased to be relevant or ridiculous or we now see to be immoral due to our more developed sense of morality have become classified as allegory or metaphor or read ‘out of context’ or simply historical documentation devoid of moral import – in fact anything to try to explain away their embarrassing inclusion.

Today the text has become so ‘metaphorical’ that the supernatural claims therein have become entirely discredited and the text can be seen for what it is – a mixture of primitive folk history and fairy tales. Nothing more….

The fact that any of the passages like this one in Judges even exists to me is proof that it was not created by anything that someone would consider “All Good”.



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