The Religious are in denial when it comes to their own book…


There are a few virtuous and true things in the Bible. Yes, we should not covet, lie or kill people. Yet there are also lies and wicked and stupid things in that book too. The world is not flat. The sun does not orbit around us, it is the other way around. In other words, we are not the center of the universe.

At the time these stories were ‘created’, they were all considered to be virtuous and true. Ever since that time, various parts that have ceased to be relevant and considered by man to be quite ridiculous. To take some parts of this book serious is now seen to be immoral due to society having a much more developed sense of morality. Things such as rape, slavery and burning people at the stake have become classified as allegory or metaphor or read ‘out of context’. Many even try to suggest there are simply historical documentation devoid of moral import – in fact they’ve come up with any excuse to try to explain away their embarrassing inclusion.

Today the text has become so ‘metaphorical’ that the supernatural claims therein have become entirely discredited and the text can be seen for what it is – a mixture of primitive folk history and fairy tales. Nothing more….



3 thoughts on “The Religious are in denial when it comes to their own book…

  1. Judges 19:22-30 presents a tale of the evil that wicked men do and the justice that is meted out by an entire nation in response to it.

    The tales from the Bible, like all the great literature from antiquity, is a treasure trove of lessons on human nature, good and evil, and justice.

    • What, you mean the slaughter of all the Benjamite women and all but a few hundred of the men, because of that one crime? Followed by the kidnap of women for the few remaining men so the tribe of Benjamin didn’t cease to exist? That was sure just, all right. Lots of murder of innocents followed by mass legalized rape and forced marriage. Whee! I respect what is good in the Bible, but no honest person can claim that every word in it is true or moral without willfully blinding themselves to some very ugly things. Nevermind the fact that the modern Bible doesn’t even include a bunch of stuff the original Bible did. The books now relegated to Apocrypha make some very interesting reading in contrast with the modern Bible…

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