Pro-Life Truth


“Every time a pro-lifer goes on about how we should respect the life of zygotes, I want to take them straight to the slums of Kolkata and place in their hands one of many unwanted children who spend their day begging to feed themselves, so they can take them back to their comfortable homes and put an end to their unreasonable and dangerous hypocrisy” – Henley Gonzalez

Pro-life should be more than just about abortion.

Pro-life should care about all life, from the day someone is born till their natural end.

The fact that those who claim to be pro-life don’t believe this makes them one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet.



The end of the Thirty-Somethings

To be honest, all our days are numbered but this one has a little more significance to me. Today I turn 39. I have less than a year left of being a Thirty-Something. It makes me feel sad but at the same time I am still hopeful for the future.

My first forty years have been quite a ride. I’ve done quite a few things during those years. Some things I am exceptionally proud of while others I am willing to admit were not my finest hours. I like to think I’ve learned from my mistakes and will walk into what might be the second half of my life a little wiser and attempt to be truer to myself and others.

There’s no guarantee how long that second half will last either. I could be gone tomorrow or around for the next few decades. I really hope it’s the second, but lately I’ve been writing and working as if it might be the first. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and I know the person responsible for that is me. I’ll do my best to improve that, hoping it will make a difference and buy me a little more time.

I can’t make any promises but I will give it my best effort. We’ll see in the future if that’s enough.


A source of morality?


The moment I hear someone say that; I realize they have no idea what they’re talking about. There are more examples of people do bad things as opposed to good things int he bible and those are being done by the people the book claims are good.

I know what my detractors will say; you’re taking it out of context. It’s not meant to be taken literally.

Well, please say that to the millions of people on this world who do take the Bible literally, word for bloody word.


Christian hypocrisy…


The fact that alleged ‘Good Christians’ are traveling on private planes and live an obscene life of luxury while kids to go bed hungry is evidence of how full of shit they really are regarding their alleged faith.

If I ever get even half that rich, I plan to donate at least 50% of whatever I make to charity to support those less fortunate than myself. The fact that I am making next to nothing and I still find time to donate to charity puts the rich who share nothing to shame.

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Ben, Islam isn’t a race…


This was one thing Ben didn’t seem to grasp.

Arguing the flaws of an organized religion is NOT RACISM.

Sam Harris is right; Islam is not a race, it’s a creed. And like all other creeds, Islam is fair game and is not immune to criticism.

Bill Maher was lucky to have Sam Harris there with him to fend off Affleck’s off key rants. To spread a little reason into the dialogue instead of replying to rant with a rant.