Christian hypocrisy…


The fact that alleged ‘Good Christians’ are traveling on private planes and live an obscene life of luxury while kids to go bed hungry is evidence of how full of shit they really are regarding their alleged faith.

If I ever get even half that rich, I plan to donate at least 50% of whatever I make to charity to support those less fortunate than myself. The fact that I am making next to nothing and I still find time to donate to charity puts the rich who share nothing to shame.

Jesus himself told his followers to help the poor. There’s even a part of the bible that says the rich don’t get in unless they help the poor. If his alleged followers practiced what he preached and were true Christians, this world would actually be a better place.

My Dad always told me it’s only money, it’s meant to be spent. I’m always spending what I have as I have kids, friends and others who I enjoy helping more than I would if I spend my money on dumb things like video games or stuff I don’t need.

You don’t get to take it with you when you go, so why is everyone hording it so much?



3 thoughts on “Christian hypocrisy…

  1. Since the modern free capitalist market has the capacity to create infinite wealth, the person who drives around in a luxury car and lives the high life deprives his fellow man of nothing.

    The notion that one’s man riches deprives his neighbor is pre-modern.

    • You really believe that, don’t you? Care to offer some evidence? Because it seems like patent BS – nothing personal, but I don’t understand how wealth can ever be ‘infinite’, given that it is an abstract concept based on comparison between the ability to acquire what you want and the lack of ability to do so. The more you can acquire the wealthier you are. By definition, resources and land are not and can never be infinite. So how can “wealth,” which is based on the ability to acquire such things, ever be “infinite”?

  2. Morality is subjective, always. They will tell you that their fear of hunger is more important than someone else’s greed for food or even their fear of starvation. Fear and greed are the two base drivers for human action. Like anything, they can be twisted and used wrongly.

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